Oct 22, 2018
AngelWin14 (All reviews)
I started watching this OVA without even knowing the premise, so my expectations for this one was quite low. From the first few minutes of the anime, I immediately thought that this one is a game adaptation. The atmosphere and the graphics gave it away. The 3D look of the airship reminds me alot of the video games I use to play when I was young. It was definitely nostalgic.

From the first 10 minutes of the anime, I wasn’t hooked at all. There was no world building, no explanation about WTF was going on. All I see was a guy in a failing airship, a tank guy with his mage fighting against a monster, and a pessimistic girl who only thinks of negative things. That’s all. I do appreciate the fansubbers of this OVA, they tried to explain some stuff that the story didn’t even bother to explain. Thanks to them, I kinda get a little bit about WTF was going on.

The first meeting of the main characters was definitely generic at the same time, kinda unique. There interaction with each other was definitely understandable. The guy was bright and kind, and the girl was very pessimistic and kinda rude. I just don’t understand how in the world they got into a position like the picture above. Anime physics still amazes me everytime.

Moving on, the story slowly unfolds itself. I mean….tries to unfold itself…..and its very very slow. We were then introduced to a new character that seems to be very relevant later on. Then, the OVa turn upside down. Out of nowhere, a huge monster attacked the town and of course, the main guy character tries to be a hero and wants to save the day.

The fight was so underwhelming. He hits the monster once, then he gets injured. Lol, that was fast. Then, he felt down, thinking of negative thoughts. Then boom! The pessimistic girl, after reminiscing the kindness of the main guy, she then got the courage to help him. Through her ‘hymn’, the main guy defeated the monster… ONE FREAKING BLOW.

Uuuuuhhhhhhhhh…..thats it?!?!?!?!?


The OVA then ends with the main characters going to an ‘adventure’ to go above and be able to save the ‘world’. Uhhhhh… thats my understanding of the ending.

Overall, this OVA is definitely a downer. It had potential to be great, but nah. Its quite clear this anime was used to promote the game. I kinda like how the development of the main girl all through out the OVA. Even though it was short and unrealistic, you can still get the moral out of it.

I wouldn’t recommend this OVA to you. This is a waste of time. I promise.

Anyway, that is all.

Thanks for reading!