Sep 28, 2018
Williem (All reviews)
Video games are games that use interaction with the user interface through images produced by video devices. Video games generally provide a reward system such as a score calculated based on the level of success achieved in completing tasks in the game.

The word "video" in "video games" initially refers to a raster display device. But with the use of the term "video game", now the word video game can be used to refer to games on any display device. The electronic systems used to run video games are called platforms, for example personal computers and game consoles.

taking the theme in the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety one in that year the video game is still experiencing its popularity, a child named "Haruo Yaguchi" spends his days playing video games regardless of how his future destiny is as if the world is just a link between himself and video games .

The manga composed by "Oshikiri Rensuke" has made JC Staff studios make this series as an anime series. JC Staff made this series feel good and have a big impact (to be honest this studio has adapted some good manga / light novels for example Shokugeki no Souma and of course Shakugan no Shana which was adapted by three seassons).

no part of the voice is like eating without a drink, it doesn't feel complete if an anime doesn't have a supportive voice. For this series of voice actors, "Suzushiro Sayumi" acts as Oono Akira (although Oono's character rarely speaks) "Hirose Yuuki" acts as Hidaka Koharu and "Amasaki Kouhei" act as Haruo Yaguchi.

from the song theme section, it might be quite fitting and well, the opening song "New stranger" which was sung by Sora Tob Sakana was so good even though I don't know who he was, but what made me like the series this time for the closing theme song could be a favorite " Houkago die strauction "which was sung by Etsuko Yakushimaru.

in this series maybe at the beginning of the episode Haruo Yaguchi was an academic fool and only liked video games after the meeting with Oono Akira Yaguchi began to regard him as a rival but after a while Oono left Japan for a reason. When Oono left we got or the appearance of playing the third character, Hidaka Koharu, acts as an encouragement even though she also has feelings with Yaguchi.

The series adapted by JC Staff this time is more prominent on the impression of romance and honesty, I as an audience are very enthusiastic about this series and can't wait for the story to continue where a child who often goes to the place of video games begins to have feelings for his rival and his meeting with Oono Akira grow the seeds of love are very good to watch for teenagers and adults.

in the end we as humans also have a sense where we want to relieve stress from our daily busyness with the existence of video game games which are now very sophisticated and this series reminds us that we do not fall into a world that is only temporary.

if you expect a happy life forever then fight from now on because of the future what we do today.