Sep 17, 2018
BabyGirl06301 (All reviews)
Okay, so this is the final comedic recap for Kuroko no Basket, this time for season three. Characters from all of the Generation of Miracles' schools plus Kuroko and Kagami will talk about the Winter Cup games.

I really enjoy these little episodes because you get to see characters interact that you're not used to. For example: Takao and Murasakibara or Tatsuya and Akashi. In this specific episode, you also get a few sweet moments. Kagami and Kuroko will compliment Kise's abilities; Kuroko will talk about how lucky he is to play with Kagami; Aomine will talk about Kagami's trust in his partner, Kuroko. So, this episode is completely fun and games like the previous two. It was a nice change.

You will still get the super funny bits, though, which are nice. If you enjoy these characters, I'd definitely check this out because it's relaxed little segment where you can enjoy them all together at once.