Jul 19, 2018
Swordarc (All reviews)
Adapted from a manga series,Comic Girls surely tries to bring the pain and struggle of the manga Industry into an anime,together with its own style.Although keeping its own style is important,they should also consider whether it'd be a great idea from a general anime perspective.By now,it somehow shows its uniqueness,but doesn't feature Comic Girls really well.

+good opening and ending song
+diversified characters' personalities
+Hilarious and crazy characters' actions
+nice character reactions
+Ending summed up the story

-it feels episodic
-Bad story premise
-story feels shattered because characters work on their own
-repetitive or overused ideas
-undeveloped characters
-poor transitions

At my first glance,I was really excited about Comic Girls,I saw cute girls,beautiful visuals with characters with different personalities,I also received servals laughters too.With such a great start,Comic Girls could be potential.However,it starts to get lame and boring later on,which I couldn't grow on the characters or the story anymore.

The main problem of Comic Girls is its presentation.At first,I was supposed that the characters in Comic Girls are working together,but in fact,they're just working on their own.Although sometimes they managed to help each other,at the end the main focus would be just onto one or two characters.Therefore,there're not much remarkable character interactions.Moreover,The story feels extremely inconsistent.It feels episodic,each episode doesn't have any sort of relationship towards others,many weird transitions all over the place.Sometimes,it has comedy moments,but then it suddenly jumps to emotional moments.In other time,it seems to be concentrated on one character,but then it talks about another character,which seems the story is going to nowhere and I don't know what exactly Comic Girls wants to express through each episode.

In addition,the character development doesn't seem to be good.Although each girl has their own personality,they feel pretty unrealistic and undeveloped.The setting that a bunch of highschool girls that are manga authors as well is a poor story premise for a slice of life anime,as this would be very unlikely happened in reality from a general perspective.In addition,there are also several unrealistic moments in Comic Girls as well.For example,teacher suddenly drags a student out of the classroom and said to him,I like your drawing.It feels very weird and abnormal.Apart from the characters just working on their own,the main storyline is just Kaos improving on her work.Other time,other main characters are just supporting cast,while only a few moments focusing on them.At the end,I just grew on a little on Kaos,but not for the others.

I find that the comedy delivered to me is kinda funny and boring at the same time.At first,I get a lot of laughters because of the hilarious and crazy characters' reactions.Unfortunately,by the more episodes you have watched,it will become lame and flat,as ideas are becoming repetitive and overused.Characters feel jealous about other characters' boob size,scared of things and being sleepy during classes,it feels cliche,repetitive and boring,so overall the comedy offered in this show is unsatisfactory.If the comedy and ideas used in the show are refreshing and new,it'll be more interesting.Sadly,it doesn't happen in Comic Girls.

After a long and rough ride,I finally come to the ending.The good news is that Comic Girls somehow manages to summarise the story events and the story ending is quite fine for a slice of life anime.

Finally,let's talk about the animation and the sound in this show.I'm kind of impressed with the animation in this show. Colourful visuals are used and cute moments in a comic style,looks original and nice,together with different cute character reactions.It is kinda nice,but if more visuals are used on the background would be better.Voice actors are trying to play their roles well,opening and ending are nice and interesting with its own style.I noticed some background music and soundtracks in this show,but if there're more of them used in the show,it'll be greater.

Unless you're in a similar position as the character,you probably won't able to get much enjoyment from this show.Although Comic Girls tries to attempt a great story with hilarious moments,it feels like a total mess and a failed work at the end,except for the ending.Therefore,many improvements and efforts are needed in order to develop a better and an amusing slice of life,comedy anime.

I used to love slice of life and comedy anime,but not this one apparently.

Story:5/10 (D) (35%)
Animation:8/10 (A) (10%)
Sound:7/10 (B) (10%)
Characters:4/10 (E) (25%)
Enjoyment:5/10 (D) (20%)
Overall:5/10 (D) (Fair)