Jul 11, 2018
sean12263 (All reviews)
Playing perfectly is one thing, but playing a piece with your emotions and expressing yourself through your music is so much more.

This is one of my all time favorite anime, 'Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso' or 'Your Lie In April' is a comedy romance series about music that tells you there is more to music than what is shown on the sheets. After watching this series twice, and being someone who plays music myself, I could not agree more. I would also say, as someone who preforms many other performance arts aside from music, the same goes for any other art-form as well. There is only so much you can learn from others, eventually you will need to make it your own or it will never evolve. The same could probably be said for anything you can think of. Think about it, If we never tried to improve anything, we would probably all still be living in caves.

When it comes to the actual romance in the series, 'Your Lie In April' is more of a love triangle drama series rather than a straight forward romance. This keeps things really interesting throughout the show. As you would expect from a show about music, the soundtracks are absolutely amazing and really bring the show to life. Very pleasant to the ear and makes a really fun and emotional watching experience. The comedy in this series is quite silly, upbeat, and fast. Some people may say that the comedy is quite goofy, but nerveless, it defiantly improves the watching experience no matter how silly it may be.

Now onto the drama. The main drama in this series is about his mom who has passed away who always forced him to play exactly how the sheet music tells him to. She would say stuff like "Who are you to question the leaders of music?" and would beat him and force him to play exactly the way it is written. After she passed away, he would never want to touch any piano ever again as it would bring up memories of his mom. He made up many excuses in order to not play like "I cant hear the notes!" and stuff like that. Until one day a girl comes along and helps him out. she taught him how to play the way he wants to and not just what is on the sheets. I don't want to say very much more than that in order not to spoil anything else from this amazing show but I want you to know that this series is very meaningful, extremely entertaining. and I would highly recommend it. It's sort of like a huge step up from 'piano no mori'.

Overall, this is one of the best series I have ever seen. This show is very re-watchable as I have watched it multiple times, and I very strongly recommend it!