Jun 23, 2018
NiBer (All reviews)
I'm wondering what's happening with slice of life shows lately.

It's as if anime producers had a secret consensus, and on it they decided they'll sneak in non-existent plot into shows, and focus on making money with as little effort as possible. News flash: just because a show has slice of life genre in it, it doesn't allow it to be boring to the point of being a comatose-inducing drug.

I can give you endless examples of other shows being super interesting regardless of main theme simply tracking a character or characters' lives or other barely existing plot examples. Wotakoi went off rails with plot less than mid-way through, and decided to show filler episodes instead.
Now, I haven't read the manga and perhaps it's different in it, but it doesn't excuse the poor, or rather, complete lack of pacing and direction, resulting in my lack of engagement.

Slightly annoying factor is that the shows such as this one somehow get a pass by an average person's critique and are now considered quality shows, when they are not. I get that by making the setting as uncomplicated as possible, you know, just a regular present day, no supernatural circumstances, or no deep psychological battle mysteries like known to all Death Note, no melodrama or different harem routes, none of that shit, it's guaranteed to avoid pretty much any illogical executions, events, inconsistencies or plot holes, like many action series suffer from for example, but there's no excuse for having a lack of guidance altogether and just call it quits.

Atmosphere is lovely, characters are sympathetic, it's bundled in nice, shiny wrappings, the overall presentation is great, yet it ultimately fails to deliver any conclusion, it's too tedious and lacks life. I'm sorry but this will not go unnoticed by some people, myself included.

I don't hate this show by a long shot, but I don't know how and/or why do these types of shows always leave a bad taste in my mouth.