Apr 14, 2018
Swordarc (All reviews)
TL;DR:A burning candle that shines brightly at first,but blow itself up shortly later on

In general,Kono suba is like a burning candle that shines brightly,it has an unique setting,great characters and quite eye-catching visuals,which could grab your first insight easily.At the beginning of this anime,it's a very refreshing experience,a main protagonist,called Kazume died in an unusual,hilarious way,which he brought a stupid goddess named Aqua,who always think herself is powerful,to another fantasy world afterwards.

In the later story,Kazume and aqua met another two other girls,who are named Megumin and Darkness.Megumin is a cute little girl,who could only use explosive magic once per daily only,as this requires a lot of energy,while Darkness is a knight,who prefer going in the frontline and take the defence position,however she always having an ecchi mind in her head.The characters are pretty unique and interesting,they all have pretty good looking too.

As you can see,the settings are enough for you to catch your attention and you could imagine the hilarious moments from this anime,so why I'm rating this as average,but not a relatively high score?

The reason is very simple,the comedy itself will turn out flat and repetitive later on.The weaknesses from all three girls are being used as comedy in the story in multiple times in different missions throughout the story and it turns out flat and boring easily.

*spoiler for the first comedy*
In the first mission,Aqua is being dumb and think herself is a powerful goddess,and literally nearly being eaten by a frog.Megumin is also being dumb as well,who don't know about her weaknesses of her spell and again nearly being eaten by a frog and requires Katzume for help.Aqua then screaming and yelling for all those things happened.

*End spoiler*

Many similar story and character tropes will be used throughout different events.If you're okay with that,then I'm sure that you'll enjoy this show a lot,but if you're the opposite,then you'd probably will be in the opposite.This is a show that you either love it very much or you'll get bored later on.

I expect that Kono Suba will actually have more varieties on the story itself and the characters,but in fact it doesn't.Due to the fact that the main trope is about characters dumbness and weaknesses,I can only remember the negatives of the characters,which makes me feel that the characters are pretty unrecognisable ironically.It'd be nice to see more about the characters,like their past and their backstories,but unfortunately none of them are being shown.

The story itself could be better by replacing them with different events,rather than just doing missions all the time.In fact,in Kono Suba,the events happened are mainly just for earning livings and improve their lives.These are the factors,which are the additions to the flat comedy story in my opinion.

Well,on the bright side,the settings are described pretty well,the characters are pretty unique and it's somehow a fine adventure story,so I won't say Kono Suba is too bad.If you're a simple person,who wants some comedy on an adventure theme,this is a fine show for you.

Colour visuals are well used in several environments and events,but could be better if there're more varieties in different conversations and situations.Character designs are great as mentioned above.Op and ed are attractive and nice to hear,but if there're more sound effects used in this anime,it'll be better.

Overall:6/10 (C) (Good)