Apr 1, 2018
InfamousMystery (All reviews)
I don't know what this anime is trying to achieve, but if it's the feels they're known for, they failed, miserably.

The story is good. Should have been fair if it wasn't for that ending. It's generic, predictable, bland, and repetitive. There are a lot of anime that have these 4 flaws but ended up executing it with passion and originality, but this anime is not included in those anime. It ended up on a good note and to be honest, only the ending deserves a great score. The other episodes are either meh or good enough.

The Art is great. Should have been better, especially in the animation, but well, it's different and original.

The sound will obviously have a 10 since this is an anime about music and well all know that these types of anime will end up making a well-made musical masterpiece.

Characters are, well, okay. The main cast is actually okay, but it kinda lacks something important. Character Development is only present to one of the main cast, the others, well, they don't seem to care about that. There are times where cringe-worthy edginess occurs, which affects the enjoyment of the anime.

Enjoyment, oh boy, I forced myself into this anime. There are times where I'm at the point of dropping it but ended up watching it instead just for me to give a review about it. It was meh, okay, but what I hate about it is how confused the anime is. Being all funny at a wrong time, being depressing at a wrong time. The timing of these anime is just trash. It doesn't know what it wants to express or what does it want to share. It's a mixed trash that ended up at least fair to others.

I won't really recommend this anime to anyone, to be blunt, but the reason why I gave this a 7.5(8, actually) is the ending. The ending carried the whole anime series. If it wasn't for that ending, this should have received a 6 or 5 for me.

I still won't recommend this anime, but if you do, you'll either hate it or like it. There is no "in between". I hated it, but overall, I think it did a pretty good job.