Mar 31, 2018
wossname101 (All reviews)
Ah, Yuzumori-san. The first manga I’ve ever started reading, and now it’s over. In the end I have mixed feelings about this manga, mostly because I liked certain chapters much more than others, so I decided to write a review about it.

Yuzumori-san is a manga about a high school girl who encounters a girl who’s in elementary school and instantly falls in love with her. In that one sentence you already have a same-sex relationship and a large age gap, so people may describe the protagonist as weird or gross as she is a lesbian lolicon. However, this manga knows this and the protagonist does as well.

The part that makes Yuzumori-san really shine is the protagonist, as she is struggling immensely between her strong affection towards this elementary schooler, and her sense of morale which keeps her from actually laying a hand on the girl. The latter force is shown to be the strongest, but these forces get really close. This struggle is the part I liked the most about this manga. The protagonist really is a kind and innocent maiden, her “primal desires” just happen to be different from the norm.

Having said that, the biggest problem I had with this manga is that everything I talked about and makes this manga great in my opinion only really happens in the first 23 chapters, with chapters 1 through 15 being the high point. From chapter 24 onwards (and also somewhat between chapters 16 and 23) the manga doesn’t focus on these aspects as much to make room for drama. That in itself is not necessary a bad thing, but if it replaces something as great and amazing as the first 15 chapters it really becomes a shame.

That is actually about everything I have to say about this manga; I absolutely love the protagonist and what goes around inside her head, but only really that much in the first 15 chapters. The biggest “flaw” this manga had was that it chooses a different path after that and focuses more on drama and sadness, instead of embarrassment and happiness.

You should read this if:
- You like to see girls be embarrassed out of their love for someone
- You like to see sense of morale win when it comes into conflict with strong desires
- You are attracted by little girls but would never lay a hand on one of them, you want to protect them instead

You shouldn't read this if:
- You are disgusted by either homosexuals or relationships with a big age gap (remember though: this manga really is about pure and innocent love)
- You can’t handle (relatively) sad things happen to happy characters
- You are attracted by little girls and hope our protagonist will rape the other girl or something like that, if so: please get out of here you sickening bastard

Initial score: 9.5/10
Final score: 8.5/10

[This is my first manga review and only my third review overall, so please feel free to tell me if I did something wrong or did something right!]