Mar 5, 2018
IvivinPigeon (All reviews)
This show takes a few minutes to catch its pacing. It does move at breakneck speed, but the middle and even latter parts of the show thrive on it. It is rough at the beginning because the characters have yet to endear themselves to you, but the show must continue at a breakneck pace nonetheless.

The story itself is cliched, but in all the best ways. There isn't much to it, earnestly, but I enjoyed the simplicity and sincerity of it--despite the show overall thriving in its gags and comedy.

I suppose the thing I like most about the show is that, while it recognizes and even pokes fun at its own corniness (looking at you, Gimble), it still embraces it fully.

It is funny, but, depending on your taste, some of the gags might be far less funny. The wordplay is on point, though, and the reoccurring gags did not get stale as I expected them to. Overall, fans of lighthearted fantasy or comedy will enjoy the show. The beginning of the show, in my opinion, prevents it from reaching any higher than an 8, but I enjoyed the latter 2/3 enough to bring it there.