Mar 3, 2018
Rabb2t (All reviews)
With this episode, Wagnaria is officially over, unless you count the spinoff.

Story: This episode ties together everything regarding Takanashi and Inami's relationships. Its initial story seems weird, and that teaser from the 13th episode doesn't help either, but the pacing of this episode allows for everything to close out on the right foot. The only thing that may strike as awkward is the fact that although a special, it's necessary to watch in order to get a conclusion with the story. But even with that, it's obvious that you'd watch this episode anyway, so it's not that bad.

Art: It's the same as the 3rd season, so no change there. See my review on the third season for my opinion on it.

Sound: Same standard stuff, but the first opening comes back for the ending, which I felt ended the show even better than if they used the regular season 3 ending song.

Character: Everyone in this episode seems to change just a slight bit. Inami changes the most, however, due to this episode being centered on her. I won't talk about the plot, but I will say that the changes that occur to the characters due to this special are ones that I like.

Enjoyment: This special was an enjoyable last episode for me. Everything was finished, wrapped up, and packaged with a bow. All conflicts had been resolved, and all future questions all disappear with this episode. Even Todoroki gives an explanation for her predicament, effectively finishing out that conflict.

Overall: Not much else to say here, so I'll make it brief. This special was a great way to end the show. Although the plot could have been condensed into the regular 23ish minutes, they made it 49. That extra time gave me even more time to watch what is now one of my favourite series, so I enjoyed this very much. To wrap up this review, overall, this special was a fitting conclusion to a great anime.