Feb 24, 2018
NiBer (All reviews)
To be honest, I went into this movie with zero(geddit?) expectations. What proceeded was me being absolutely blown away by the magnitude of what ensued. It was as if someone sneaked in when I expected the least and surprised me with one of the most magnificent stories I've seen lately. That's how I could summarize the experience of watching this movie. I'm so satisfied I found something worthy of giving such a high praise after a seemingly endless mediocrity of anime, yet it's what normally occurs once you indulge too much in one particular medium. This could easily be made into a stand-alone movie. I felt like the plot itself was underestimating its worth throughout the film and I was bothered at the idea of returning to its inferior shell(original tv show). I'm still a little befuddled and stumbling for words, that's how you know you've just seen a masterpiece. I feel like further words would be unnecessary, other than it's truly a must-see work of art, don't miss it.