Jan 26, 2018
ItzToxic (All reviews)
Sit back, relax, and gaze upon the glory that is Yuru Camp.

Tbh I never expected to enjoy a series this much. With all the anime going on on a Thursday, this is definitely a great way to end it. The first episode already captivated me with its amazing soundtrack, character design, and background art.

Our main character Rin, is someone who enjoys camping alone, we see that in episode 1. She's someone who would rather enjoy camping at her own leisure. However, because there are more amazing characters, she soon starts to meet them as well as open up to them more and becomes more social. I appreciate these character interactions because it's so humanlike and it's super sweet and all of them have chemistry with each other.

And it ain't just the characters themselves, the background art and colours are super attractive and really compliments the anime very well. There's also the fact that the background art and amazing colours are accompanied by the AMAZING OST. Each soundtrack piece really sets the vibe for each episode and each event that happens within Yuru Camp. Not to mention that GODLIKE OP. I've never heard such a catchier op than this one this season.

Also, apparently the campsites the girls' go to camp at are actually based on actual locations. I saw a few pictures of it in its real life form and it really looks exactly as the anime shows. It's amazing that these beautiful sites are real places to camp.

So in short:

Story (8) - Very Simple, Rin who loves to camps meets a new girl who eventually befriends her and enjoys camping along with her in due time. Then more girls show up and then they'll all camp together. A simple yet very well executed story that hits every note right.

Art (9) - Each character looks unique and the colours are well used.

Sound (10) - Easily one of the best OST's I've heard and the appropriate timings used of these songs really makes the anime all the better.

Character (10) - Each girl carries a beautiful and amazing personality and shows as well as reminds us how cute the CGDCT genre can be. Each girl is lovable and will not disappoint in putting a smile on your face.

Enjoyment (10) - I've enjoyed each second that Yuru Camp has to offer. I've never got bored of this anime and it was beautiful.

Overall (9) - If the goal of this anime was to give you a big smile and show you how girls can camp extremely well, then it does that very well. What can I say, it does everything right in terms of enjoyment, character, soundtracks, and beautiful art.

Yuru Camp will always be the anime to end my Thursdays. Now if you'll excuse me, I need some Ramen.