Jan 9, 2018
acynicalasian (All reviews)
Perhaps it's a bit of a dick move for me to say this, but my initial impression of the reviews with slightly lower scores is that they feel a bit pretentious. Classical formulas are classics because they work. Sure, some spins are always nice, but at the core, classics appeal to the masses because they're well structured.

This describes Boku no Hero Academia. I won't lie, I'm perhaps a bit snobbish myself, granted I've poured a fair amount of abuse in blasting shows like Infinite Stratos or Highschool Dxd--different genres aside--, but I've noticed a common criticism in many of the most highly rated lower-scoring reviews is an expressed frustration at the work's failure to challenge the storytelling norms of its genre. To me, as said previously, this feels misguided.

I hate to admit it, but I held off on watching this anime for two reasons. One is that I tend to hate going through damn good animes because then I feel sad after, thinking I won't feel that rush of adrenaline and that feeling of "Damn. What a ride!", and the cycle repeats itself over and over. But the second, slightly more problematic issue I tend to suffer from is that I distrust hype. I honestly didn't trust the hype surrounding Boku no Hero Academia. Maybe it's vestiges of my disappointment surrounding major franchises like Sword Art Online. Maybe I'm just overly cynical. Regardless, I absolutely feel compelled to write a positive review for this anime. It absolutely deserves the hype it gets. It had me on a rollercoaster of emotions and pining for Deku's victories. The world within this anime is definitely very fleshed out. The battles feel so well thought out that they bring you in. The experience watching Boku no Hero Academia is definitely immersive.

It's been a while since I've felt compelled to bingewatch an anime, or even watch anime in general. That's how damn good it was.