Jan 5, 2018
BlaizeV (All reviews)
So whats Sadamitsu the Destroyer like? It's not very good sadly.

I was lured into watching this series by the trailer, the series appears action packed with a fun vibe. The actual series is much more bland and boring unfortunately.

The story is really barebones and often fragmented. Leaps in plot can occur and as a viewer this can be confusing. The setup of the series is very shallow with little to no buildup. Stuff just starts happening with little explanation, too many characters are accepting of these scenarios. The side characters are pretty annoying and pointless. Couple that with some pretty mediocre animation, ugly even for period character/monster designs and a lifeless soundtrack and the whole thing is just a shell of what it could have been.

There really is a fun idea crammed into this series and it's certainly a shame the series fails to portray it in an interesting way. All that aside the last few episodes while silly and pretty average are at least more engaging and satisfying than the rest so while the payoff is minimal if you can reach the end of this 10 episode journey you should at least somewhat enjoy the destination ... maybe?