Jan 4, 2018
xre (All reviews)
Well, this show just sucks. There are just problems everywhere.
This show is an offense to just the mystery genre in general.

So why did I even finish this? Well, I actually dropped this quite many times, but decided to finish it given that I haven't watched much mystery anime at the time. And it was so bad so that I remember how terrible this is though it's been quite some time since I completed this anime.

It just feels like waste of words to write this for long so I'll just make each section shorter than my other reviews.

Story: 2/10
Durarara just starts off by putting out just loads of characters without any depth. Many look the same so I couldn't tell which was which. And there are just too many characters.

The element of surprise was basically non-existent. As a mystery genre, it's just really bad when an average person like can me can see how the story will turn out.

Absolutely terrible pacing. Well it just takes forever for the story to start. And it just feels all drab just like the art style. It was an anime I didn't regret skipping some parts.

I personally thought I could have come up with a better story. This is just too far below average.

Art: 4/10
All are just dark, with no substance. The background just seems like that little work was done. Wasn't a big fan of it.

Sound: 8/10
Catchy opening. Didn't have major flaws.

Character: 2/10
All characters fit inside a stereotypical tropes.
I just didn't like the characters. Well, Shizuo and Celty were the only characters I found likable, and I still thought they were below average characters.
All are pretty shallow and lack substance.

Enjoyment: 2/10
I reserve 1/10 for worst things imaginable, so pretty much one of the lowest scores I give.
It was a waste of time.

Overall: 3/10
Well, it's not the worst anime.

TL DR; Save your time and skip this anime.