Jan 3, 2018
n0xymus (All reviews)
Why does a show that has no killing in it call itself "Assassination classroom?" Almost 50 episodes of training to be an "assassin" and noone actually gets killed, the only reason I even finished both seasons was because I was stuck in the countryside with no internet for 2weeks with a bunch of anime downloaded on my tablet, like a quarter of it being this shows 2 seasons, GOD what a mistake. Okay im gonna be taking a massive shit on this anime later in the review, but first the spoiler-free review with the story, concept n all that. Also the purpose of this review is to give you a different perpective on this anime.

1. Story - as I said its fucking retarded and shoudnt call itself anything to do with assassination but ill go into that later.
2. Concept - makes no fuckin sense really (more about that later)
3. Art - This would be probably the strongest point this anime as it has an unique artstyle that sets it apart from most.
4. Sound - I mean I liked the last opening and overall it was decent I guess
5. Characters - Apart from the octopus, I quite enjoyed the big cast of this anime.
Should you watch it? I wouldnt unless youre really young and dont really care if the story or anything makes sense or not. Now for the meat of this review - the shit talking I guess? (Spoilers)

So lets start, firstly it really pisses me off that its called "Assassination classroom" when it doesnt deserve it. Most of the episodes are spent on these students studying and trying to get good grades to the point where a more accurate title would be "Studying classroom" cause its literally more deep and intense than the assassination part of this show as that is just a fun litte thing each episode that you know will never work and its often not even serious, like for example making a giant pudding. I dont understand why they keep on pushing this message that "you have to be ready to kill and be an assassin" and whatever cause noone gets assassinated, when theres a bad guy he just gets knocked out and taken to the cops or whatever. I said before that the studying is more deep than the assassination and that is even more true if you consider that these assassinating "skills" that they learn are used to get good grades on tests... yeah seriously, the assassination part feels kinda like the small little anecdotes at the end of a newspaper. Now most of you would probably argue that they did assassinate someone and that someone is "koro-sensei" but that is most definetly not true as he was trapped in some barrier which was gonna kill him, he didnt fight back and even asked the students to do it. Put those 3 together it is not even close to an assassination and I wouldnt consider it even a killing as he wouldve died anyway and BEGGED them to kill him. Reminds me of that kiznaiver review I wrote back in like 2016 where there was this girl running around with a knife acting all emo and telling everybody that she killed her friend or whatever when she had nothing to do with it, that friend had some disease from birth and everybody knew she was gonna die or something like that, its fucking retarded like if I had a friend that died could I claim that I also killed him, anyway my point is even with all those things, it still took them like 5 minutes to actually go through with it in what was supposed to be an "emotional scene" where everybody breaks down. Now some of you could argue that it doesnt have to be bloody or edgy but if the entire show is based around assassination and every episode you see some character talking about how they have to kill and acting super emo IT DOES, its so heavly pushed onto you and when they actually fight some bad guy GOTTA MAKE SURE NOT TO KILL HIM OR ANY OF HIS FRIENDS GOTTA TAKE EM TO THE COPS CAUSE WE ARE FUCKING ASSASSINS. If you wanna make a shitty show about studying and family fun dont make it about assassination or killing, this is like the ultimate clickbait of anime. Aaah I know im missing so much shit about this show considering how long and flawed it is, but its been a while since I saw it and I think this is enough for a review trust me though, its alot worse and has alot more retarded things in it.

Overall this anime is shit because its like the clickbait of anime - it has nothing to do with assassination or killing and its extremely cringy to see this message pushed that "we have to be ready to kill" when you know damn well they cant do it and most of the episodes are spent on studying and its really serious in this show, like more serious than the assassination. I only gave it a semi-good rating because of the unique artstyle on the last OP...

Also I feel like I need to say this : I know that every question can be answered with "kids." Why make the show about assassination when noone gets assassinated - kids like it, but im not here to criticize kids who dont care if the story makes sense or anything really. The high rating for this anime doesnt come from kids.