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Jan 4, 2018
This movie tries to desperately get pity from you and its just bad to watch cause I honestly dont care about a character that has no personality, sure I feel a little bad when they keep on showing sad things but thats it. Luckily the show had another story that had like the same main character but older I guess and it wasnt dogshit. I really wanna tear this movie to shreds but first ill do the proper review part with the story, concept n everything else. (spoiler-free)

1.Sound - Now the music itself wasnt bad but they way it was used was just plain cringy, read more
Jan 3, 2018
Why does a show that has no killing in it call itself "Assassination classroom?" Almost 50 episodes of training to be an "assassin" and noone actually gets killed, the only reason I even finished both seasons was because I was stuck in the countryside with no internet for 2weeks with a bunch of anime downloaded on my tablet, like a quarter of it being this shows 2 seasons, GOD what a mistake. Okay im gonna be taking a massive shit on this anime later in the review, but first the spoiler-free review with the story, concept n all that. Also the purpose of this review read more
Jan 2, 2018
So I dont fucking know why this anime is praised so much when it honestly doesnt deserve it, not only was it boring and just didnt make sense, I was also greeted with a pleasant view of 5 yr old tits. Oh did I say pleasant, I meant UN-pleasant.

Before getting into the core of this review and the reason why this show is so overrated, ill go over the story, concept etc. and if you should watch it. Also this review is just my opinion and will hopefully give you a different perspective on this overrated piece of .. Ill get to that later.

If youre read more