Dec 23, 2017
MK_Alex (All reviews)
I just had to write a review for Inukami!

Let me just start by saying that this is one hell of an anime any way you look at it. I'm certain my judgement of its flaws are clouded by how much fun I had wa tching it, but what can I say. It was a joyride. The whole layput of the anime is a bit weird so I will split my review into 2 halfs and judge them semiholistically rather than going over character, story, art, and all that crap.

The first bit is full of carefree standalone or 2 part episodes that really just feature the main 2 characters and focuses on the ecchi and comedy aspect. I remember laughing a decent amount. I myself have been super desensitized to fan service/ecchi, but there seems to be very little in this anime makes a bit of sense since its from 2006. Overall the first bit is carefree and easy to watch. You can watch it at your own pace as well.

Then we get to last 3rd/quarter which is an absolute treat. It starts ramping up a bit midway through and you sort of think that it is going to start to take itself too seriously and fall on its face, but it does the opposite. This anime will 100% make you say "gawd dayyum this shit just got real!" But the 0 to 1000 that happens is absolutely exhilerating. Every aspect of the anime amps up to the max from the story to the character developement, the animation and music, the romance, the action, and even the comedy. The final episode is really well done as well which is a rarity for me. I am so used to being dissapointed or longing for more but I think that InuKami really wrapped itself up nicely. The transition from the first half to the second was a little odd but idk it really worked for me.

Overall this anime of course had its problems and was quite a bit of a mess, however it was always incredibly enjoyable. If it was refined it would have been a classic, but I can respect the artistic chaos the producers went with as it gives it a lot of uniquness that will make it unforgettable. Absolutely loved this show.