May 27, 2010
yuudaiikanata (All reviews)
okay.. death note rewrite.
part 1: Visions of a God
from what i gathered from its title, i thought it'd be something different but it was not (see synopsis) but nonetheless, it was nice. i kind of regarded it as an overview of DN. i was kind of interested only because of the new character but there wasn't any development either. the story stops right after L and Watari died.

it's pretty much the same DN, only compressed. which leaves us now to just one question: should you watch it? uhmm... let's just say you wanted to rewatch DN.. then i'd rather watch the rewrite. other than for that reason, i think you'd find yourself disappointed like i was.

oh, but wait! i think there is a part there that you souldn't dare miss! hahahaha. yeah. another face-writhing reaction from Kira. other than more :)

part 2: L's successors:
the second part is definitely better than the first..or so say. haha. i have a personal bias for L. if you like L, you'll like the second part.. or not; he does the narration for the first ten minutes. i watched it english dubbed, and it still is good.

it's the continuation of the first part, nothing changed except for a slight flashback at wammy house. i was expecting more of near's and mello's perspective but there wasn't enough. i think this version was easier to understand compared to the original.

my review doesn't justify for my rating, doesn't it? that's just me. haha.

owari :)