Nov 24, 2017
Derykasd (All reviews)
So far, this is a big disappointment.

After having watched two great somewhat similar shows this year, i was looking forward to this one, specially after having seen how the show looks, which i believe is the main reason most people are giving this one a try.

Unfortunately, the production is the only good thing about this show, and on some cases even that is a issue, specially on some action scenes, when the character's don't even look like they inhabit the world of the background(or just stand there doing nothing for no reason at all).

The main issue i have with this show, are the characters. Most (if not all) of them are very generic tropes with generic designs, some of they do have interesting traits, but they're left pretty undeveloped, and most of those characters exist for pretty much no reason. Seriously, there's an absurd amount of character's being introduced at a nonstop pace, and we don't know (or remember) most of their names, which makes it even harder for the somewhat interesting characters to have any development, most of those characters will probably be killed at some point (they already started being killed actually), and that's also a problem, since we know nothing about they and have no reason to care about the main characters because of how superficial they are.

There are even some small details that apparently are plot holes, since i doubt they'll ever be explained, but i don't want to give spoilers.

This show has a lot of obvious issues, and i don't think i can recommend it to anyone, unless you want to look at some gorgeous artwork, but you'll probably end up being betrayed by it.