Oct 11, 2017
-HippySnob- (All reviews)
Let's see?

Story starts off

With a sense of being watch from afar at the island. Takahisa’s paranoid reaction of uneasiness,Concerned Fuji then eventually everyone with a feel of Curiosity about the island. With a claim that the island is possibly cursed and others wanting to go there to see it. Soon they were Alerted by a suppose survivor by a fire coming from shore.

I have to say this one is the most bizarre in horror when you're reading this, it just feels like you watching a horror b-movie. This manga is very different from all the horror one I've read. It plot is very different.

A mixture of Texas chainsaw/the hills have eyes/ mutated humans horror feel to it. Though I find some parts stupid but funny when there's like a fuck you "every man for themselves" moment you can die first that keeps me entertained, I say it something you might want read for enjoyment. This manga is all about mystery's about what's is going on about with this island and the messed up people who are on it.

The art of gory slash flick are nowhere to be good if only they fleshed out most of the side characters and the history what lies in this wasteland, My kind of expectation while reading most of the chapters which relies most to the bloodshed murderous intentions maybe soon changed.