May 14, 2010
Preliminary (Unknown/? chp)
when I stumbled upon this manga on OM, I honestly didn't expect much of it. how many mangas are there in the religious/inquisitive/exorcist genres? dozens! but Ao no Exorcist really caught my attention :) there is something that breaks out of the another-exorcist-cliche manga scheme

Story: (9)
It deserves a tenner, but I'm quite a persnickety person when it comes to the storyline. mainly because most of the mangas are almost the same... here, all the motifs (father dies, the protagonist grows up and wants to change, a great scheme, uber powers, demons and from chapter 9 or 10 even some boobs are there as well ;-)). but it is not such a cliche that is expected. Someone from another review said that it is a kind of mixture of bleach and beezelbub - I would add Holy Talker as well.

Art: 8
Nothing to be ashamed of, although I seen more stunning mangas in my life. nothing particular to complain about, except Rin's design when he's in his demon form - k'man, he looks like he was drawn by a five-year-old :< generally: good, but not outstanding

Character: (9)
Characters are definitely a strong point of this manga. The twin brothers, Rin and Yukio are like fire and ice and argue, but deeply care for each other. There is a clumsy yet charming female, diffrent background students and teachers from the true cross academy. But Fujimoto Shirou - this is a masterpiece! it has been a long time since any character made such a positive impression on me. his personality, design... ah, you got to love him even though he does not participate in the events that much (for a certain reason, but no spoilers, sorry! :-)

Enjoyment: (10)
It's extra fun. Even the cliches can't disturb your fun. There are funny moments but also some melancholic. I liked the intertextuality of this manga - e.g. Mephisto Philis. It;s fun to discover some references to other works/culture :-)

Overall: it's a tenner and Ao no Exorcist also lands in my favourites. I really recommend it to anyone.
Reviewer’s Rating: 10
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