Oct 1, 2017
Moorym (All reviews)
Another underrated anime here! This season (Summer 2017) is full-packed with great and most awaited anime of the year and because of that, To Be Hero is not really become the attention of otakus this year. All I want to tell is, this anime is full of potential, to be honest, it reminds me of Gintama, their style of gags... quality gags are very similar from each other plus of one character of this anime is voiced by Gintoki's(Gintama). Back to "To Be Hero", as i said earlier that this anime contains good gags - the "kimoi" ones, maybe some people doesn't like this animu because of it's vulgar and dirty gags, but i still recommend this to those people who aren't too sensitivity about those things

This anime shows a great sense of realism in some ways, MC life is one big example of it, they show how a normal - not so i think, encounter daily problem about family, profession and bathroom rituals. I can say that the story is pretty normal, but I give it 9/10 for some reason that you need to see for yourself.

Let me tell you a glimpse about the story. (Don't worry it's Spoiler-free ^-^)
The story is about a middle-aged guy with an unusual occupation, this guy is a real problem child, he only lives with her daughter named Min-chan in an old looking apartment. Min-chan is the one who prevent his dad from doing shameful things by scolding and punching him(barbaric but 10/10 for Ms). One day MC did a very-super-ultra rare dump and gained ability which came with a very ugly consequence, this guy is forced to be a hero, meet weirdos and fight enemies with the ability he obtained. well something like that.

All in all, To be hero is an interesting anime. RECOMMENDABLE 9/10 ^-^