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May 7, 2018
Hey! Are you of of those people who always create recommend threads about "WEAK MC GETS OP" or "MC WHO LIVES TO SORROW" or "MC GETS CUCK *huff..huff*" or "ANIME WITH TWISTED MORALS"? if yes then it's the one that you might lookin for! *cringe*

Yey! Another typical Isekai manga... and it's a soft-gore one..

The story is good but cliche, Characters are pretty cliche too, especially the "WEAK MC GETS STRONKER"+"MC WITH SAD LYFE" type MC and crappy people who surrounds him that gets kind as he gets stonger blah blah...

The art is pretty good (pure personal opinion)

Enjoyment? I'm not a type of person who always read more
May 7, 2018
>sees a kawaii ghost girl in the cover
>"ok imma read this"

kuku Yuragi-sou no ... This manga is kinda straightforward to me because of it's generic Jump-ish elements added in it, I can say that it's Story's uniqueness is not really its forte. Also the characters and their developments are pretty generic. *shush* wait wait wait I'm not saying it's bad [teehee.png] Some of them are refreshing(?) and I can say that mostly are good cliche but some are not so interesting. And yeah if you read its synopsis the MC is guy possesses a supernatural ability but that's not all, he got some fearsome read more
Oct 1, 2017
Another underrated anime here! This season (Summer 2017) is full-packed with great and most awaited anime of the year and because of that, To Be Hero is not really become the attention of otakus this year. All I want to tell is, this anime is full of potential, to be honest, it reminds me of Gintama, their style of gags... quality gags are very similar from each other plus of one character of this anime is voiced by Gintoki's(Gintama). Back to "To Be Hero", as i said earlier that this anime contains good gags - the "kimoi" ones, maybe some people doesn't like this animu read more
Sep 29, 2017
Girls Bravo is one of the best underrated Ecchi anime i ever know, it's story is a bit harem cliche but it's good kind of cliché with alot of interesting characters. Girls Bravo is released on 2014 so it's Art can be consider as good that time, the character art is a real deal too, i'm also amazed with the background art of Miharu's place on that chase scene - it's very classic that looks like mykonos traditional houses.

I like many of the characters of this anime because of their unique characteristics(that time). MC-kun is pretty unique character, he's the type of guy who's read more
Sep 28, 2017
akariin~ Yuri Yuri is a really great Seinen x Slice of Life, even my buddies who are not really a fan of all girls anime completed season one with a lol. Yuri Yuri is one of the best example of animes that represents Timelessness because it doesn't gets old(watched in 2017) and can be watch in anytime,

There are only few changes from the Season 1, they've focus to the other characters such as Sakurako, Himawari and Akari's Onee-chan, also, there are some development to the relationship of the characters and to the story as well.

It's Light Yuri makes the character more interesting like Yui-chan read more