Sep 14, 2017
edwindza (All reviews)
Aho Girl is like female version of Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou, in Aho Girl we got almost all the female are plain dumb while in Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou we got almost all the male are dumb as well.

=When I say "dumb" it's dumb in a positive way=

Story: 420/10
Tbh, who the hell cares about the story in this anime?
At first I thought i was gonna watch 1 annoying dumb girl messing around with her friends, but instead of getting 1 dumb character we got almost all female character on this anime are dumb af and some of them are even more insane.

Art: 9
As long as the animations are consistent and suited for the anime, I will always give them a high score.
Until episode 11, I never find a single "fail" animation on this dumb anime.

Sound: 9
Opening and Ending are good, especially the opening it suits well with that Banana Freak and the VAs really living their characters.

Character: 9
Almost all of the characters are dumb the way they are and all the female are well designed.
I really feel bad for Sayaka and Ruri. Sayaka have to deal with crazy girl, loner cool-hearted guy and a stalker everyday.
Ruri (Akutsu's lil sister), a cutie little girl with misfortune, always got bullied by Yoshiko (MC) and even from her brother (Akutsu).

Enjoyment: 10
If you are into comedy genre, doesn't care about logic and stupidity then this anime can be for you as well. I really got a lot of laugh when watching this dumb anime.

I recommend this anime for you guys who are into comedy anime.