Sep 13, 2017
LadyPhyllo (All reviews)
From the very beginning this anime draws you in with it's beautiful art style, regardless of being an artist or not the smooth details and bright colour are bound to entice you. I watched this series from the first episode airing to waiting 6+ months for each new episode. Even now as I completed episode 3 I am left with teary eyes for it. Sadly the story does take a back seat in this case because you are more likely to continue watching due to the art and music. The artwork and music really show why it took 6 months to make however the characters are not bland either. The characters stories are really touching in conveying their emotions to everyone's individual circumstance. In 3 episodes I was brought to tears twice due to Chise's series of unfortunate events. The show has made me very interested in the manga and I am not a big manga reader. I really recommend a series like this to anyone who loves art and aspires to be an artist. It also holds a rare spot of being a 10 for me.