Aug 22, 2017
Fake (Anime) add (All reviews)
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Rate a 6
English Dubbed

Feelings:Comedy and curiosity.

Comedy: among all this chaos and love it is hard to become swooned for almost at each advancement becomes shot down on some basis. Oh the struggle that is love.

Curiosity: Mystery anime come in various of forms. Whether it is complex or straight forward or in other. One can't help but become wrapped in the mystery despite the fact this was time to relax.

Work and pleasure shouldn't mix. An old saying that holds truth. Sadly, how can that work if work constantly infringes on one's couple's free time? To make matters worse they are faced with the spew over of another country's mess of work. If that wasn't bad enough as far as the 'pleasure' was concerned more and more people became entangled in this affair. So much for a 'straight' affair.

Ending is questionable. For while a path had reached its end some minor questions were raised. Such as ghost or no ghost? Why the transfer? Sure the anime hints at them but it hints at both directions. So, knowing which one is right is debatable. Come to think of it that is quite a fair way to and a mystery show. For not only does it build on the comedy aspect as one fights with friends and or family on who is right but it allows the audience to do some deducing of their own.