Aug 11, 2017
Ishika_B (All reviews)
Let me start by telling you, Iv'e seen my fair share of comedy anime from the satirical take of fantasy genre's like Konosuba, to the Slap stick comedies that is daily life of highschool boys. After watching watching TDLHB i thought there isnt anything funnier than this, im sure, But then i came across mitsudomoe.

okay so right of the bat people looking at the synopsis are gonna think its some moe blob shit with a light hearted tale about these 3 triplets and their teacher. Well its not

This anime is like the southpark of american television. It has no shame in talking about panties, and bra's and straight forward sex jokes in the open without making it weird for the viewers. So if u like that sorta shit, this is for you

Story: 7/10
Its slice of life and comedy, although more comedy than slice of life, but what are you gonna expect. The plot itself is pretty basic, 3 crazy ass triplets in a class full of crazy ass people with a teacher. standard stuff

Art: 7/10
I really dont get why people hate on the art so much, its usually because of the type of art style, I think this type of art style perfectly suited the show. The animation was just as it should be to fit the basic comedy elements in it, but nothing too out of the ordinary. Those facial expressions tho

Sound 7/10
I did particularly like the ost for this series even though they were basic comedic ones. AND THAT 2ND OPENING OMG, its legit in my top ops ever.

Character 10/10
And damn do i like these characters. Mitsudomoe is primarily on how the characters act with one another in different situations. They've all build unique relationships with each other so it makes it seem like you know them personally sometimes.
So 1stly we have the triplets, Futoba, Hitoba and Mitsuba, all pretty likable with their own flaws.

Futaba is the swwt naive one who has a HUGE interest in boobs and is oblivious to how taboo it really it. Shes physically strong and breaks alot of things

Mitsuba is a sadistic fuck who eats alot and puts on weight. But when it counts she comes through and shows that she has emotions.

And then theres Hitoba my literal favourite. I adore her relationship with the teacher Yabechi sensei, as their moments are my favourite in the show. I regret to say that there arent too many of them, but when there are, its down right the funniest thing. Hitoba at 1st glance looks like the quiet shy book worm, but her books to peoples surprise are ecchi magazines and she has this super creepy face when shes pissed so people dont get close to her

All the other characters are pretty standard, the occult freak, the sass mcqueen, the hopeless romantic. Seeing them interact in different circumstances is what the highlight of this show it.

Enjoyment 10/10
I usually dont put series into my top favorites as im very critical about them, and my favourite shows usually just stems from the ones i watched long ago, so its difficult to find anything close. But Mitsudomoe now has a special place in my hear. Not one episode went by where i lmao'd on the fucking floor, it legitimate hurt. Now im not saying everyone should laugh, but I really doubt there wont be moments where you at least chuckle

Comedy 10/10
Now obviously the best part of this series is the comedy. Yabechi's hopeless single life as a virgin, Kotoba's obsession with boobs, the occult freak, the mauriu's dad who gets arrested every time bc he looks shady af, the dumbass nurse, the fact that everyone almost bleeds to dead whenever they get injured. Its all part of the package. The jokes arent predictable, they slowly take you through it and surprise you with a twist. Most of the comedy here although comes form misunderstandings, some repetitive but some just downright unique and hilarious.

Overall 10/10
Mitsudomoe is the stupidest most random best thing ive ever discovered this year, and Im so glad I did. I finished 2 seasons in one day and Now i dont know what to do with my life. I desperately tried to find shows which are similar but had no luck. I hope in the future we get comedy golds as this show and it bring as much happiness to others as it did for me

If you love your comedy anime, and even if you dont, I desperatly urge you to watch this series. It pains me to see that its not as high up as shows like Nichijou (Although personally i like mitsudomoe better oops)