Jul 29, 2017
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It's only natural to hope for something you like to be just a little bit longer, just one more volume, season or inch... I didn't expect what is essentially an action flick with "we gotta have a reason for all this to happen" type story to warrant this but towards the end it's just interesting enough for me to get excited to see what happens next and then it ends in a way that implies more is to come.

Art: If I didn't know beforehand I'd be sure this is a Heroaki manga. It's realistic and detailed while also rough, sketchy and very dynamic with plenty of violence to spice things up.

Characters: bare minimum is there and it doesn't get in the way cause this isn't a manga where you need deep and complex characters. There are some awkward attempts to flesh then out but those are rather nice and brief.

Story: genetically modified soldiers, international spies, politics and terrorism are thrown together at random to make sense of like a teenage girl with inhuman power and cat claw blades (?) fighting a Chinese spy and three Russian super soldiers on top of a train. Near the end it gets a little more sensible and there's a lead into rogue government agent using metal gear tier technology to destroy the world and some mentions of Chinese mythology. I actually wanted to see what will happen next but too bad.
I guess it's worth mentioning there's a fairly generic romantic subplot where some guy treats our main heroine like a human which makes her kokoro go doki-doki but this is rather inconsequential too

Funfactor: I think this is worth reading for pretty cool action. The whole thing is just two volumes so it's not a huge time investment anyway.