Jul 17, 2017
ODESZAG (All reviews)
Golden Time is the most recent anime I have seen as of writing this review. I went into the series hoping to experience the same sense of endeavour that I did with its predecessor Toradora, unfortunately I was disappointed. That being said, this isn't a bad anime series, if we look at it from a stand alone perspective without reference to Toradora this series isn't half bad.

Golden Time follows a boy named Tada Banri who is currently attending college, due to later conceived circumstances we found out that he had recently suffered a case of amnesia that lead him to forget everything after his final year of High School. Whilst adjusting to his new life, a girl named Kaga Kouka is introduced who brings with her a plot of drama and romance.

So yeah I didn't quite enjoy this series as much as I expected to, my main problem lies within a certain portion of the show but I'll get to that later. I'll start of with what I liked about the series, the characters for one, the series does an amazing job with the handling of each character. Every character feels like a genuinely real person, all with their own traits and flaws, if you don't like one character theres gonna be another one that you'll certainly enjoy. *Has 2D flashbacks* Another aspect of the show I enjoyed was the writing (well, at least in the beginning) there are a lot of heart felt moments that can be accredited to the writers of the series, much of the dialogue, especially the lines delivered by Tada Banri, can really tug at the heart strings at times.

Alright those were the things I enjoyed about the show, I won't mention the things I didn't mind about the show such as the animation or music because I don't really have an opinion on them, they were just meh. Instead I'll just focus on the pros and cons, as these are the parts of the show that grasped my attention and actually made me give a second thought about. So as I mentioned before I have an underlying problem with this show, and this has the do with the latter half of the series. After episode 6 the series enters a decline as it introduces many other unneeded elements into the story such as evil spirits and love triangles. I would have to say that episode 6 of the series is the best it has to offer, I loved that episode from start to finish and I especially enjoyed how it ended. I honestly believe that if they ended it at the 6th episode I would have been more satisfied. It would have obviously been an incomplete anime but nevertheless I would have enjoyed it more and would be able to come to terms with the ending. The ending of the series is terrible, it is very short sighted and you can tell that the series creators needed to quickly end it before they blew their budget, the show needed more time to further elaborate on the resolve of this series because it kind of just... ends. Another problem I have with this series is its 'humour', I didn't find much of it funny as a lot of it was very forced and kind of interjected into casual scenes. There are some scenes that you may find funny here and there but it's nothing gut wrenching.

So did I like this series?... eh kind of. I certainly enjoyed the first 6 episodes but the rest of it is kind of a let down. Don't get me wrong this isn't a bad anime, it just has a lot of pacing issues but don't let that turn you away from this series, there is plenty of enjoyment to be had out of it.