Golden Time

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Japanese: ゴールデンタイム
English: Golden Time
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Type: TV
Episodes: 24
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 4, 2013 to Mar 28, 2014
Premiered: Fall 2013
Broadcast: Fridays at 02:35 (JST)
Producers: Genco, Starchild Records
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: J.C.Staff
Source: Light novel
Genres: DramaDrama, RomanceRomance
Themes: Adult CastAdult Cast, Love PolygonLove Polygon
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.741 (scored by 537801537,801 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #10892
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #146
Members: 1,017,085
Favorites: 13,076

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Preliminary Spoiler
Jun 12, 2014
It makes me sad to see such negative reviews in the two review spots. This is definitely one of my favorite romantic anime out there. Yes, the whole amnesia plotline is rather wonky. Yes, the characters can be a bit overdramatic (although honestly, it's nothing I haven't seen in real life). But what really gets me is people claiming this show lacks depth. I firmly believe that this show has some of the most well-written characters I've ever seen. In fact, I think the people saying this show lacked depth just missed all the nuances (which, granted, were at times hard to see. But once ...
Mar 27, 2014
[Spoiler Warning]

Every once in a while, you watch something bad that doesn't feel like a total waste of time, because it's just so bad that you learn from it exactly what you never want to see from any form of media again. Or teaches you exactly what NOT to do if you write something yourself.

Golden Time was honestly such a terrible experience that it was almost rewarding.

The entire show was like an empty shell; you could keep looking long and hard for a pearl as much as you wanted and nothing but disappointment would surface. I give them credit for at least trying to escape ...
Aug 1, 2014
"People would only wants the old me not the present me" - Tada Banri

Golden Time is something that tingles in my mind for a few days after i watched it. Back in the November, i was already put Golden Time in my plan to watch, since so many sites recommend that this anime is your-must-watch anime in winter season and so after it has finished aired, i watched it and i must say i have a really "golden time" when watching it.

As far as you can see, Golden Time is labeled with comedy and romance genre. The genre that we often said as the most ...
Apr 8, 2014
Updated: 13, July 2016

It is only natural to project grand expectations on any anime associated with a renowned classic. Penned by the original creator of Toradora!, the first six episodes had Golden Time primed as the next rom-com sensation out the J.C. Staff house. Unfortunately, the luminous promise soon became a glimmer of an afterthought. Repercussions relative to pacing, characterizations, and key revelations accumulated as the series imploded spectacularly to close out.

SPOILERS onward (based on final impressions).

The root to Golden Time’s problems stems from its peculiar inclusion of a supernatural element. Rather than a visible representation of this “alternate” Banri, an implied presence would ...
Apr 21, 2014
Golden Time can be best summed up with two words: love hurts.

Of course, this could be an overstatement because love is supposed to bring joy and wonder. But what happens when the past comes back to haunt you? What happens when you’re caught in the middle of a love triangle where someone is bound to be hurt? It’s a tough world in where we live in and nothing should be taken for granted. Golden Time serves as a great example of an anime that explores relationships at a level dealing with the basic human nature and what it stands for based on love.

Golden Time is ...
Mar 29, 2014
Mixed Feelings
Golden time being predominately Romance and School Life-themed doesn't stop it from containing other interesting elements peppered throughout, making this otherwise humdrum university romance story unique.

Complaint #1: The characters. The main character: Tada Banri is one of the least impressive characters in the entire show. As a viewer, it's absolutely frustrating witnessing the romance in this show and where Banri decides to take it. The romance only being frustrating because of Banri choosing one of the most invasive, clingy, and annoying characters I've ever encountered. Her personality along with the romance that surrounds her keeps each and every viewer's frustration ...
Mar 27, 2014
Golden Time Review:

How often have we seen anime set in high school? Yeah. A lot. But when it comes to anime set in college, there seems to be a huge gaping hole the industry has yet to leap into. In steps Golden Time, written by the same guy who made a little anime called Toradora!. With a unique setting, and a promising writer, does Golden Time deliver? Without a doubt, 100% yes. Golden Time is a wonderful slice of life drama that everyone needs to see.

Story - 8.1:
As stated earlier, Golden Time takes place in college, following our main protagonist Tada Banri and the roller ...
Mar 30, 2014
Mixed Feelings
In a world where romantic comedies simply use formulas that are tried and true, J.C. Staff brings us Golden Time. This is a story about Tada Banri, a student that had an accident after highschool graduation and lost all his memories prior to that, and the shenanigans that ensue during his first year at college. But is this really any different from anything we've seen in the past?

The original source material is written by the same author as Toradora! - which is the best romantic comedy I've seen to date - and has a similar style of comedy and story telling. One thing that ...
May 16, 2014
Mixed Feelings
Nothing sets up an interesting story and fails miserably like Golden Time. Let me say this first : This anime was in no way a waste of time; in fact, it does have its moments, and it is enjoyable when it does do things right. Sadly, the overall anime lacked depth and true emotional link between the characters and the viewers which ultimately resulted on a sour ending.

The story of Golden Time is something quite unique. There are many stories that follow an amnesia plot line, but I had never really watched anything like this. Banri is split between his past with Linda and ...
Mar 31, 2014
Mixed Feelings
If you’re incredibly interested in romances, Golden Time’s plot will probably catch your attention. Its author, who also wrote another popular series, Toradora, has some pretty good premises for his stories. We honestly could have gotten a lot as an anime with Golden Time’s strong start. In fact, I would say this show starts on a strong note and ends on one as well. That said, the middle, the core parts of Golden Time, are filled with boring sub-plots that lead to nothing as well as a lot of time wasting. I can’t say Golden Time is bad, but it didn’t fulfill many of my ...
May 1, 2014
Golden Time is one of the best slice of life shows i've ever seen.

So, this review might be a little biased. I love slice of shows because they give you an escape from everyday life, and let you see other people's more entertaining everyday lives. While that might sound boring in context, there is usually a twist in the story that's supernatural/a character quirk/a character's dark past/an unrealistic setting/hell; possibly even a sister fetish (I'm looking at you "My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute") that keeps the story fresh and interesting. Golden Time is unlike a lot of slice of life shows ...
Apr 8, 2014
Mixed Feelings
Golden Time is a anime with two fronts: what it is, and what, in my opinion, could've been/should've been.

I'm not a first timer to animes, I might be for the this type but not to the concept itself. Taking that into account, the fact that the two main characters are borderline irritating and stick to an almost stupid fragility and naivety doesn't help it either. The conclusion of the anime, or, let's call it, the "comeback" was way too fast when the whole thing took almost 22 episodes to deliver. The characters "evolution" was too late to actually start befriend them and accept them, and ...
Apr 21, 2014
What is with all of the hype with this show? Listen, this is just my own personal opinion. You can say I have awful taste all you want, but I stand by my opinion, and my opinion is that this is one of the worst anime I have ever had the displeasure of watching and I hope it is forgotten within the next few years. The art is absolutely piss poor, but I can't really blame that on the people who made this anime. Their budget wasn't all that high. The sound was okay. I actually really liked the first ending and both openings, but ...
Jan 7, 2015
In depth review #6 - Golden Time

Oh man, this anime hit too close to home way to many times. The relationship problems these characters had was just so familiar that I just had to be amazed by this show. The thing that got me though was the whole clingy stalker persona Koko had in the beginning of the anime. All I could do was laugh. Golden Time is that unique anime in its genre that actually portrays REAL relationships. Usually romantic animes have their show setup like a whore house. There is always one guy and 5 girls and he chooses one of them the ...
Sep 13, 2014
Mixed Feelings
This will be a fairly short review, because I mostly want to talk about one thing which I've seen nobody talked about it in their reviews. This review WILL contain SPOILERS, read it only if you've watched the series.

This series had a very good start in my opinion, and could've easily became a really good romance anime. This didn't happen, and the main issue of why not is because the whole amnesia thing.

If you make a little research you'll find out that the proper name for the amnesia Tada Banri has in the series is Retrograde Amnesia (which is also written in the Wikipedia page ...
Mar 27, 2014
Alright, the series ended so why not make a review on how I think about the anime!

Story: This anime is about a guy call Banra experiencing a new life in college. He lost all his memories during his High school life because he got hit at the bridge and fell in the water. He lost his memories but from to time he start to remember. When he was in college he met many new friends and learn new things in life. He learn how painful it is and lonely it is when you lost your memories. It feels like you just reborn into another ...
Dec 22, 2014
Based off the light novel was written by Yuyuko Takemiya (best known for the creator of Toradora!).

The series started in a private law school, the school freshman Tada Banri found himself lost, then he encounter another school freshman Yanagisawa Mitsuo. They found themselves appear in front of a woman bringing a bouquet of flower, named Kaga Kouko, Mitsuo's childhood friend. Kaga Kouko slapped a bouquet to Mitsuo's face. From there the series begins.

Golden Time offers us an incorporate romance-comedy. For a romance anime, Golden Time has unique settings that set up in a private school (not in the usual High School). Golden time has ...
Aug 27, 2014
Mixed Feelings
Golden Time should have been called Cubic Zirconia Time.It might have looked extremely impressive and interesting at first glance ,but upon a closer inspection you clearly notice the blandness,"low cost values" and just overall sloppy work.

Adapted from a novel written by the same author who also wrote the massively successful Toradora! you would obviously have very high expectations from it or at the very least expect a great romantic comedy series in the same manner Toradora! was.
What unfortunately unfolds is a very decent rom/com who does have some genuinely good parts ,but because of its heavy reliance on tired and extremely used plot convinces ...
May 1, 2014
"Le temps est d'or, nous devons le priser".

For those who don't know French. This phrase means "Time is golden, we must treasure it". I am also not very familiar with French but I picked that word out. I just hope my translation is all right.

There are some fall anime that are still airing in the winter season. I have decided to watch some of the 2-cour fall anime that are still airing like Golden Time, Kill la kill & Strike the Blood. Out of all the 2-cour anime that I have decided to watch, Golden Time was the best among them. Once again, JC ...
Mar 28, 2014
Mixed Feelings
Golden Time is yet another highschool romcom, except this time the setting is a university in Tokyo.
I'll compare it to Toradora! and Henneko especially, since they're from the same studio - J.C. Staff.

Art: 8/10
While it's decent enough, you notice that they didn't have the largest budget for the animation. The drawings look clean and sharp, but faces often lack detail, backgrounds are uninspired and animation is choppy sometimes. While it's not as bad as Bakuman, it's also definitely not on a par with Toradora!, even Henneko had more "soul".
That said these are only minor issues, overall the graphics are the series' strong point.

Sound: 6/10
I was ...