Jul 5, 2017
Verrato (All reviews)
You can also check my first review of Gantz of the first season!!
(Havent read the manga yet!!
As i have heard in this season it has the best mission or one of the best mission of all Gantz(manga and anime).
Story 9/10:thats why i gave it 9 because that arc was fantastic its the only word to describe it and again at the end Gonzo fcked it up(sorry for the words) but it wasnt that bad end as it was on Hellsing made by Gonzo,u can say it had also some goods twist plots.
Art 8/10:The art was a bit more polished from the 1 season and i think at 4 or 5 episode Kishimoto Kei was changed as a model/drawing i dont know how to say it but i think that her change was a mistake or it was just my imagination.
Sound 7/10:It was like the 1 season it was just good i didnt find anything superb but it wasnt bad either.
Characters 9/10:With the exception of some new characters the most that shined on this Season was Kurono Kei and i really liked that about this season.He was a fcking beast(sorry for the word again).
Enjoyment 9/10:As i said on my first review this season especially made me so happy that i found Gantz but as i said the end man,well it wasnt so bad but it was lacking but either way i really liked the Whole Anime Gantz and i am sure i will like the manga also(maybe more but i am not sure i am not so fan of manga generally)