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Gantz 2nd Stage

Alternative Titles

English: Gantz: Second Stage
Synonyms: Gantz *uncut*, Gantz - Second Stage, Gantz 2nd stage
Japanese: ガンツ


Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Aug 26, 2004 to Nov 18, 2004
Premiered: Summer 2004
Broadcast: Unknown
Producers: Fuji TV
Licensors: ADV Films, Funimation
Studios: Gonzo
Source: Manga
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: R+ - Mild Nudity


Score: 7.181 (scored by 71,610 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #30062
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #908
Members: 116,794
Favorites: 422


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Aug 15, 2010
deleteme234 (All reviews)
The anime version of Gantz is split into two seasons, and I'm reviewing the second season; Gantz - Second Stage. Check my earlier reviews as I have already reviewed the first season of Gantz and the manga version of Gantz.

Gantz - Second Stage is a mixed bag since it contains one of the best missions that Gantz has to offer (the Buddha mission), but also contains a lackluster ending to the anime that makes people scratch their heads.

The Buddha mission continues where the first season left off, and is highly addictive and kick-ass to watch. It contains everything I love about Gantz; the unpredictability read more
Jul 4, 2008
Deep (All reviews)
I think overall, the second season of Gantz was my favorite. However, I watched it without even realizing there was a second season at first (I watched all 26 episodes straight.) There wasn't really a break in between the first and second season, at least I could barely tell. If it showed in the opening song, I didn't really watch all of that. Otherwise, this is really a great series.

I started watching this only a few days ago and I finished yesterday actually and I really wanted to write a review for it but I couldn't access the site for some reason. And going read more
May 26, 2015
Doltra (All reviews)
Gantz (both first and second season) is a prove that no matter how attractive and original an idea is, it's condemned to a monumental failure if the execution isn't the adequated. I don't know about the manga since I've never took a look on it, perhaps it is a masterpiece without any comparison, but regarding the anime, I couldn't have been more disappointed.

On the first instance, the series tries to show a distorted and exaggeratedly negative view of society on which is based a great part of the storytelling, which consists of the saddest and poorest attempts of plot devices. Seriously, the vortex of stupidity read more
Dec 25, 2014
literaturenerd (All reviews)

Merry Christmas! I'm going to celebrate this cheery and wonderful day by ripping apart a shitty, old anime from 10 years ago that nobody cares about and new otaku have probably never even heard of! Why? Because I am an odd man! Today we look at huge #2! Gantz 2: the filler season.

Plot and characters: 2/10

Is it possible to have a REALLY stupid plot that absolutely revels in its own absurdity, but is still entertaining and awesome? Of course it is! A few series that actually pulled this off well would be: Hellsing Ultimate, Afro Samurai, FLCL, etc. Then there is Gantz, which tries to read more
Aug 3, 2009
Cheespuffs (All reviews)
Wow, what an anime. Lots of good things, but lots of bad things as well. Sometimes it is awesome, sometimes it is boring and tedious.

Story: 5
The show has a good premise and some pretty cool situations, but it is poorly executed, in my opinion. The fight scenes feel like something out of Naruto or DBZ: long and drawn out. The story could have been told much more quickly, and its a bit disappointing that such a cool premise wasn't taken advantage of as much as it could be. There could have been more games than just two per season, instead of having all the characters read more
Jul 4, 2008
Sick_Bastard (All reviews)
Well, this isn't really as much as a new series as it is a SECOND STAGE, as used in the title. This is pretty much the second season of GANTZ, picking up were the last one left off. No story changes. The story to me is rather original, and you probably won't find many other stories like this one. The only problem I have with the story is how slow it moves. In total, GANTZ SECOND STAGE is 13 episodes long, but the story moves along at a pace more suiting to a 43 episode long anime. Very messed up pacing, and it uses read more
Oct 17, 2009
Maur (All reviews)
What can be said about Gantz season two that hasn't been said about season one? Sex. Gantz really ups the ante in this season by starting out with a bang, or two. *hits snare*

Seriously though, one of Gantz strengths, and probably the majority of its appeal, is that despite its flaws it is still pretty creative. Maybe not in overall plot, but the type of enemies they fight, the weapons they have, their suit's abilities, and the way people die. The range of aliens they encounter are pretty out there and bizarre, and I suppose that's fitting. They have an... interesting assortment of future technology read more
Mar 30, 2008
Seneit (All reviews)
Not so much a new story but a continuation of the previous series, Gantz - Second stage introduces a few new characters to replace the broken original Gantz team.

None of these characters last long or are able to fill the gaps and so this second part does feel lacking in the good character department, it does make up for it in action and good conflicts.

Kurono is back again and in full swing this time, he's ready for anything Gantz can throw at him, or at least, he thought he was.

This second part introduces a few newer issues that extend the "How far are you willing read more
Dec 19, 2012
ktulu007 (All reviews)
Not long ago I reviewed the first stage of Gantz. I was far less than impressed with its mostly dull/moronic cast and its story that had more holes than your average slice of Swiss cheese. That being said, it was far from one of the worst anime I've ever seen. Naturally, this means that people want me to look at the second stage claiming that "it's better." Being a cynic, I doubt it, but let's get our red pens ready and take a look at Gantz: Second Stage to see whether or not it actually is better.

Okay, now that I've finished, let's compare. The second read more
Mar 15, 2015
wkoppin10 (All reviews)

Gantz second stage follows our hero whatever his name is as he continues to talk about the last five seconds he has to live while facing down aliens for half of an episode before managing to kill them.

He has people that follow him that sometimes have interesting arcs or personalities, but you shouldn't even try to remember their names because they won't pan out to anything.

Imagine if you would, being smacked repeatedly in the face and told how awful the world is and how you have no hope or accomplishing anything. read more
May 13, 2013
sammydeedge (All reviews)
Oh wow.
This show.

The story
It was pretty much the same deal as season 1. Long story short, over the first season, the formula was nice, as it wasn't something I'd seen before. I'd seen gore, but not really in this much of a gruesome, war-like setting.
Don't get me wrong I love me some gore, but over the season I still want meaningful story. Luckily, there was story, but it was very distinctly in two unfairly similar arcs. These two arcs in turn are carbon copies of season 1. The result? It's really hard to enjoy and connect with characters when they're in a constant state of read more
Sep 2, 2008
Gangoke (All reviews)
This part of gantz was a little better than the first part. but it was still slow and boring. and the characters were still annoying. had me wanting to shoot myself. and the ending was pointless! worst anime i have ever seen.
Jun 11, 2010
JusticeUndone (All reviews)
One thing is for sure... this was far better than the first season.
*this review is rewritten*

Story: 6
The story in the second season is far better than the first one and that's one thing that's sure. The concept is still the same, but here we finally get to the whole picture of what Gantz is all about. The "monsters" or whatever they are... are surely more interesting, though still as weird... and there is a really clever twist in the final episodes, which was what did this show justice for me. Much more action is present in this second stage which was absent from the first read more
Sep 8, 2016
Paraturtle (All reviews)
Talk about a huge disappointment.

I try not to mention source material a lot when discussing a work, but I think it's very important to mention it here in this review. This anime does not follow the manga to an unbelievable degree. That'd be alright if it wasn't NECESSARY to create an enjoyable experience. For instance, the manga has a turning point, an event that makes the series much better, as the lead character, Kei, undergoes dynamic 'cold-turkey' in a sense. His character is hit with a brick and he realizes what's happened in his life so far, then turns around. To those who have read read more
Feb 22, 2013
HaruHaru304 (All reviews)
Gantz is an action packed, blood-filled, sci-fi horror adventure into the bizarre; constructed perfectly for the mature, adult viewer that can appreciate the copious amounts of gore, sex and guns blasting away at just about anything that moves.

Gantz is split into two separate seasons, and the 2nd Stage continues directly from where the first season left off, following our three protagonists on their quest to survive through the twisted game devised by the thing in the small black ball while at the same time trying to deal with their sexual frustration, and inability to come to terms with the situation they're in.

The second read more
Sep 22, 2009
Draculoid (All reviews)
This review is for both the first and second season of Gantz, as i watched them not even realizing they were split into 2.

This review is also coming from a big fan of the original Manga which runs looooooong past the end of the anime and is still ongoing so this definitely factors into some of my criticism.

Story: Gantz's story is one i find highly entertaining. Basically its about a mysterious black ball in a random appartment building. At the moment of certain peoples deaths, they are instead instantly transported to this appartment where they are made to stand around for a little while, conversing read more
Dec 24, 2014
uchihasauske (All reviews)
This brief exposition into the nature of the anime Gantz will hopefully give you the courage to embrace the Gantz experience with a new prospective.

a) There are two sides to life, one of which is rarely explored by cultures affected by the influence of the "West" and along with it Christianity. Namely, people create the notion that humans are above animals, closer to god, elevating us above the grotesque notion of death.

b) The grotesque is considered by westernized influence to be an undesirable portion of life that is better left ignored, you have most likely had many interactions making this clear throughout your read more
Nov 18, 2018
LachesisVid (All reviews)
In all honesty, when I started this series I wasn't overly fond of it. But after pushing through I found myself becoming invested in the characters (funny that). The first season didn't show much character development but the second season really pushed Kurono to change and I liked that.
The way it ended though was slightly annoying. It just seems extremely rushed and I am fully aware that the reason for that is because the series wasn't renewed for a third season so they had to make something up so as to give the viewers an ending. I also know that the ending is intentionally read more
Aug 12, 2015
S103793 (All reviews)
warning I will have some very small spoilers at the beginning of the review

If you want to know one of the following questions don't even bother watching the last episode because it won't answer any of the following questions
1. What is Gantz?
2. Why are they fighting aliens?
3. Why can't anyone see the aliens?
3. Why were the specific people chosen?
4. What's up with the old lady?
5. Who started Gantz?
6. Why must they kill aliens?
7. why are they chosen before they die?

This season is overall much better than the last, characters actually have some depth to them, and are actually in danger when they're in read more
Mar 16, 2018
mysteriousloner (All reviews)
Gantz is one of those shows where you either love or hate it. Like Marmite, people either vigorously enjoy the show for its chaotic action and the thrilling pace, or religiously condemn it for its perpetual plot holes and shallow nature.

Gantz follows the story of Kei Kurono: a selfish, cocky, and rather porn-obsessed adolescent, and the trials and tribulations he faces in fighting the plethora of aliens that Gantz conjures. At first, this sounds promising. However, it is not until the second half of the 2nd season that the show becomes monotonous: fight alien(s). survive, repeat. fight alien(s), survive, repeat. fight alien(s), survive, repeat. read more