Jun 28, 2017
Zelev (All reviews)
-- This review contains spoilers. Only read if you have finished the series. --

I'm gonna get straight to the point, because quite frankly there's not much going for this show. This one of the worst things I have ever seen.

Basically, two people who happen to look alike decide to switch roles and do the other person's job. In a really dumb way, it somehow manages to work. The female lead goes to an all-boy school that is made for fighting - I guess - because they're never in class to begin with. Anyway, through sheer stupidity of the side characters, they support her and believe her, along with two other characters that know her identity. In the end, when it's made apparent that her secret is known, she decides to not reveal anything whatsoever, and it somehow manages to work out, again.

Not only was the story terrible, but the action scenes were incredibly dull as well. The viewers are also expected to believe that she successfully beat everyone with no real explanation to it. Not only that, but she has a past history with one character in particular, but nothing ever really happens with them.

Long story short: I understand you're the main character, but there's no way things just magically work out like that. Besides the obvious things, one may struggle to realize what the point in all of this was.