Jun 27, 2017
HoneysuckleJones (All reviews)
If you're looking for more Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, this is not for you.

This has a COMPLETELY different feel compared to it's original series. This, at foremost, is a SLICE-OF-LIFE manga. If you're expecting supernatural, then you will be disappointed.

That being said, I am an avid fan of slice-of-life. To be honest, this series is the first series to really want me to read the manga after watching the anime. I COULD NOT GET ENOUGH!

I don't have much a review because I don't really know what subjects to critique, but all I can say is that I absolutely loved it. Would I recommend it to an avid Haruhi fan? No, I would not. Unless they were really aware that this series is something else, I would not recommend it to someone who loves Haruhi and *expecting* Haruhi.

And unlike other SOL + romance productions, THIS ACTUALLY GOES SOMEWHERE. I'm sorry if this disappoints some people, but from what I understand, most SOL + romance productions don't go anywhere.

Also, I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS SERIES TO ANYONE WHO HAS NOT ATLEAST SEEN THE MELANCHOLY OF HARUHI SUZUMIYA ANIME AND DISAPPEARANCE MOVIE. There is A LOT of context that needs to be known prior to enjoying this series. If not that, then there are A LOT of references that are made to the original. You *may* not care about references, (I love Gintama and similar productions) but they totally pay homage to the original. Also, it is important to note that THIS NAGATO YUKI IS NOT THE SAME AS THE ORIGINAL SERIES, NOR THE DISAPPEARANCE CHARACTERS. This main protagonist is a dandere that sees quite the character development. SHE IS NOT THE ALIEN, NOR THE SHY & TIMID GIRL (okay maybe the latter, but she is clearly diferent from her Disappearance char acter).

In conclusion, here is my checklist to see whether this series is for you. Have you *atleast* seen The Melancholy and Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya? Do you like the slice-of-life genre? Do you wish to see more of Nagato Yuki (my best girl of all time) and the rest of the original cast? Do you not mind having much supernatural elements compared to the main series? Do you not mind extreme, K-ON! style moe? If yes to all of these, then this is a good series for you.