May 28, 2017
MajorNips (All reviews)
Absolutely love this anime, like it was especially tendered to everything I want in an anime!
On learning that the creators of this series are huge Hearts of Iron series and various other Paradox based games ( which I am as well). It's easy to see where they get their inspiration from and where I get my massive fanboy feeling.

The alternate history feel is the greatest quality overall, if you like seeing a statistical, logical, and awe-inspiring tactician (even though she/he is only a great tactician because of for knowledge of our world's WW1) all mixed together with Military politics, massive misunderstandings and a little bit of badass loli action.

This is an anime I plan on buying, as the greatest compliment to how much I adore it.

*This is a note after reading a lot of the reviews and I see that a lot of people don't recognize the fact that the WORLD is a character too! In science fiction, the beauty of making the new story is also in the making of a new world! The vivid description and advanced knowledge of the human condition that Tanya has just adds to the density but When people rate this anime for its characters, remember to look at what the anime is trying to focus on. The Grand scheme of thing, even in the ending where the psuedo Dunkirk happened, the plot was directed towards a World view of the situation.