May 27, 2017
KillerSci-fi (All reviews)
I have very mixed feelings about this manga. This manga is incredibly stupid in every single way to the point it'll make you think it's a parody or something, however to me it never actually gave the impression that it was trying to be a parody. In all honesty it gave me the impression that it was trying to be a somewhat serious story but failed miserably at it. Do to this I have a very hard time trying to figure out what exactly this show is trying to be? If it's trying to be serious, it failed miserably to a laughable extent. If it actually was trying to be a parody, then it still failed miserably by not making it clear what it was trying to be. It's kinda like Big Order in that aspect. This manga has all the potential of being a story that is so bad it's good exactly for that reason. If you liked those types of shows than I would recommend this manga, it's has a lot of trash humor, gore, sex, super powers and fights all done in the most ridiculous way imaginable making for an entertaining but very trashy read.

The story is practically nonexistent. As stated earlier it failed at displaying to the reader exactly what it was trying to be in the first couple of chapters as the more ridiculous stuff that happens occur a couple of chapters in the story. The story also tends to jump around a lot leading to a very confusing mess of what the hell is fucking happening. That and the fact that none of this really makes any sense kinda lend itself to the idea that it's a parody of some sort, this honestly just wasn't enough to convince me of that to be honest. The basis of this story is just a battle School type anime kinda like Kill La Kill but with more gore, general perversion, and overall stupidity which is kinda sad in a way that it is indeed more stupid in every category than Kill La Kill but at least that show made it clear from the beginning what it was.

Art is pretty standard for a battle shounen type manga. This works pretty well for this manga as there are a lot of fights. There are a few specific panels that are actually above standard in quality but I could count that in one hand. The character designs are also pretty standard although I'll give special credit to the head of the yankee group that is from one of two major factions. His design is absurd with a noticeable difference in art style from any other character. This made him stand out very well and kinda matched the whole idea the manga was trying to go with him. Probably the best part of the art at least to me is specifically the panels of some of the more ridiculous elements of this manga and showing them to my friends. Taken out of context or even with context these panels are hilarious and I would recommend you to at least try to do the same if you plan to read this.

Characters are a hot mess. Basically taken from the Bleach school of thought as in to introduce as many characters with cool powers as possible to distract from the fact that none of these characters develop. You'll only like one or two characters at most if your lucky and most of them are only there for a few chapters before they are killed off. You'll usually be more interested in the powers than the characters themselves sorry to say. Most of the time the characters are introduced to then use their powers and then die a couple of panels after. All characters are pretty expendable and it'll never shy away from the gore so if you are that type of person this might be your cup of tea. Some of the more notable characters in the show don't really get development either, like with one character most of her development was skipped after the fact and we only get small glimpses at this.

Perhaps you have a higher tolerance for this type of shit so you may like this type of show dispite it really not being clear on what it's trying to be if you like really bad shows, perverted and gore shows and older fighting school anime or all at the same time. This wasn't for me but I still find reading it at least being a story of memes and lolz.