May 18, 2017
Xheo (All reviews)
This type of animes are my favorite, even that most of the time they screw up everything with a bad story, but I still really love watching Fantasy anime with characters that in addition to looking good, also have a good background story (Except for the main character).

It's too soon to say that the story, in general, is bad, but we are following a character that his only goal is to see his father that left him to never come back without a good reason.

I can not say that the art is bad, but it could be much better, sometimes it leaves you waiting. The sound is pretty good, I can not say that is the best, but it helps in a good way to set the story.

The characters, each one has their own background story, a distinctive personality and if the creators take full advantage of them, can even become memorable. I can assure you that to be a promotional anime it's really good, it leaves a pleasant sensation, makes you want to play the game and go deeper into history.