May 14, 2017
ThatRandomDude (All reviews)
Injoku no Heya is just your average old school low budget hentai animation.

It looks more like a Rated R drama than an actual hentai animation in my opinion.

And even if its old school the animation wasn't that bad.

Even if it ended up with a bit of NTR, funny i guess this film is one of those first series that had NTR before netorare became a thing; even if it ended slightly with NTR... it was tolerable because:
1) Maid heroine's first time wasn't stolen but she actually managed to give it to the one she loved.
2) Main Hero brother (good one) actually DID SOMETHING to save maid heroine and brought justice to what they did to her.

The story goes as follows: (the following contains spoilers so read at your own risk)
Nanase is a maid in a rich household and she fell in love with the older brother of 3 siblings who is going to die of a terminal illness.
Because she was getting too much attention, this brought the jealousy stares and discrimination of the other maids who perhaps also had a thing for good brother, specially the discrimination coming from the mistress of the house who was the youngest sister with an obsessive brother complex.
The sister was a total bitch queen wannabe and even punished Nanase (maid heroine) with BDSM play as dominatrix for being close to her beloved Onii-sama.

Things went down south and shit hit the fan when Nanase managed to bring hope to Kazuki (good brother) for living and gave her first time to him to show him how is better to live, confessing her love for him and bee accepted.
The sister saw them involved in intercourse and broke apart.
Then she released the bad brother, who was a serial rapist and psychopath in order to get revenge at maid heroine by making bad brother rape her.

Bad brother then raped all the maids on the house and even kills one of them... which is really saddening.

And then sister trapped good brother and tried to inverse rape him.

Good brother tried to stop her but she told him that bad brother told her as kids that they were not blood related so her love is valid, which was a lie and bad brother confessed to it making sister grow in shock of being lied to.

Then bad brother start to bang maid heroine in front of good brother as sister holds him down... but doesn't get to finish as sister, in order to get back at bad brother, attacks him.
And then ends up getting raped by bad brother herself.

In here I make a pause for observation... I find a bit of an error and contradiction here.
When bad brother penetrates sister, blood comes out and he says that he took sister's virginity.

How ever, several minutes earlier, when sister tried to inverse rape good brother, she inserted his penis all the way inside and was deep within.

Either the good brother has a super micro penis (Which he doesn't because they show his penis and he is of average size) or the animators forgot this and continued on.
Which I find as an error.

Continuing on, after being raped by bad brother, we have a bit of bukake; good brother stands and fight bad brother off wounding him.

Then out of nowhere an earthquake shakes the house and it began to break apart, I call this bullshit but they use for a dramatic climax.
Anyways, good brother throws sister and maid heroine out of the room and tells her to take care of his sister.
And then sacrifice himself to save them both by closing the door on the collapsing room.
Before his death, he thanks nanase for giving him a reason to live, but was wasted when he sacrificed himself to save them.
Well, he is going to die anyways, right? So might as well die a Hero.

Never the less, the story was not obnoxious and was quite enjoyable. The scenes was not that gruesome so it was tolerable.

story 10
artwork 7 (it was not perfect but for the time it was made, it was decent).
Sound 5
Characters 10
Enjoyment 9
Overall 10