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TheAcefromFuture Mar 29, 2018 4:58 PM
Hey, your review on Ane koi anime is incorrect. Incest born kids are as safe as normally born kids, if not safer or healthier. And hey, that obsessive brother didn't force her sister. He was always ready to stop any time whenever his sister ordered her to. On top of that, she developed feelings for him at the end which is a good development. The author of the manga is herself a female, how could you accuse rape presentations on her? So, I think you should research more
ThatRandomDude Feb 12, 2018 8:49 AM
I always wondered why no one counters or fight off a yandere.
They are not immortal gods! they can be killed!
If they bleed, they die!
So stop being a pussy and put a yandere in his or her place!
or better, killed him or her off!
Sugram22 Jan 23, 2018 9:01 AM
sometime my plan to watch list gets big to, but i watch anime's almost randomly, like i watched some anime's from 2015 & some 2017 & some 2016 randomly, looked Genres & cover picture & read comments & thought which one seem more fun & even among them i watched randomly, i also watch first EP a bit & last EP a bit to see how i feel about it if its new :D if its S2 i kind of already know what to expect

& i never watch airing anime's, i always watch complete anime's, unless it something like Naruto what has so meany EP that its impossible to W8 end
Sugram22 Jan 22, 2018 9:52 AM
well i so it in ur plan to watch list but decided to tell u bit about it
Sugram22 Jan 22, 2018 7:38 AM
another good anime i recommend is Kokoro Connect & Sequel OVA'S Kokoro Connect Michi Random 4 OVA'S were made later time was up & they had to release incomplete story, 13EP & OVA'S are EP 14, 15, 16 & 17 & they finish the story

the 5 have their club, but one they supernatural phenomenon starts happening with them firs is random body swapping at certain times then there is desire release, MC has desire to sleep so it ends mother almost called 911 cause she cant get him up, that's were MC words anime didn't show that part, it cause comedy & it also causes drama, there are issues what some of them don't want to share with others, despite bit drama in it its ferry good about friendship & romance to (anime is all about this 5 & them dealing with the supernatural phenomenon, like how to deal with the issue example when u swap body with some), it really puts their relationships to the test, but in the beginning no1 is dating any1

but why is this happening to them? is some1 or something behind it? if some1 or something is behind it then why? will it brake their relationships? will it strengthen their relationship? if u want to find out u half to see urself! i think i made it sound like mystery but its not mystery anime

not sure what more i can say without spoiling it

i scored it 10/10

at first i didn't expect it to be that good

dam talking about it makes me want to re-watch it again

i recommended it to Vi as well

drama part isn't connected to cheating there isn't that type of stuff there, bit drama is caused by the supernatural phenomenon, the type of drama like friends fighting bit with each other

in my opinion its slightly psychological as well

not fan of dramas but i have exceptions & this anime nails it for me
Elegade Jan 21, 2018 4:23 PM
Ok we'll agree to disagree, but I never once said they can't deal with it. Look back at my past comments. I said that she'll still have to deal with it, either drugs, surgery, therapy, or whatever. I know that ED has a somewhat "cure." However, ED can cause a low sex drive, so it correlates to why I mentioned it in the first place. Our whole argument is whether they can keep a stable relationship if they don't have sex. I'm saying they can't have sex properly due to ED and a low sex drive. You're saying that they can still have sex even with a low sex drive thanks to foreplay, when that is difficult since both parties would have to be turned on for that.
Elegade Jan 20, 2018 11:18 AM
I understand that if man has ED, they can still have a happy marriage. That isn't my point. My point is that it's statistically higher for them to get a divorce without a sex life because if a guy has ED, there is practically no sex drive. This isn't about using your dick anymore to satisfy your woman, this is about getting any sexual urges at all. A guy still has to get turned on for Foreplay, cause if he's not, that's like doing a job. Imagine filing papers for 45 minutes, that's what its going to be like when you have no sex drive.
Sugram22 Jan 20, 2018 8:14 AM
i have same thing with Mecca anime's mostly its not my cup of tea, but there are few exception like full metal panic & Asura Cryin
Sugram22 Jan 20, 2018 5:21 AM
i recommend Kenkou Zenra-kei Suiei-bu Umishou its fun anime, i usually don't like sports anime's but this anime with swimming is quite good, it has ecchi tag to, but its not to ecchi, good comedy to & IMPLICIT romance with pairing shown in the end

Elegade Jan 19, 2018 8:15 PM
"Because Penises are NOT obligatory for a sex life"

Alright, lets end it with this. Someday, when you have the time, research that little fact, because you're wrong on a biological standpoint. When a man has ED, he has no sex drive, when you or your partner has no sex drive, there's no sex life.

Also, you're the one who is twisting my words. IE "Yes, they can find alternatives to get by ED, but my initial point is that she's going to have to deal with it."

Which, statistically, given with their age gaps, and the divorce rates even in Japan, + the a the percentage of infidelity in marriage, there is a higher probability of her leaving him because he can't get his dick up. [You should also know by now that getting your dick up just means having a sexual appetite]

I'll also apologize regarding of whichever comments you found rude, however I do urge you to think about this critically, rather than leave it at that.
Elegade Jan 19, 2018 7:19 PM
No, our conversation never ended. I was gone for 3 days because Saturday, a game came out, so I didn't visit MAL at all. I came back,and read your laughable response. If you think the statistics I looked up are fake and made up just for "men of my convenience" to use, then here's a divorce lawyers take on it:
Here's a marriage counselors take on it:
And here's a peer reviewed paper of the reasons for divorce:
And here is where I insult your reading abilities again (here's a good tip for you, if you don't want someone to insult your intelligence, make sure you read their response properly the first time. Also I can specifically point out where I responded to your lesbian comment both times, your lesbian comments are why I said you're mentally handicapped because I responded to both of them apporpriately.)

I never said that sex is solely the main reason for divorce, If you can point that out to where I said that, It would be great since I can't seem to find it. I said that sex it the main reason for infidelity, and infidelity is one of the main reasons for divorce. Also if you look at those articles I posted, your reasons for divorce are farther down the list than infidelity, except for #4.

And you're right, sex is not the forefront of a relationship, however its one of the central pillars for a stable relationship, especially when you're just beginning one. If you're like 60, then it doesn't matter, but if you're a young adult, its a big part of your relationship.

Also, let me say this once and for all or you'll bitch again. Lesbian's can have a successful sex life without dick because, 1) they choose to not have dick, 2) a woman's sex drive works differently than men. So if both women are having sex, both of them have an active sex drive. If a man has ED, his sex drive is basically non-existent, so only one will have an active sex drive. Getz it?
Elegade Jan 19, 2018 4:23 PM
I'm insulting you because you're dense as fuck, you haven't given one single piece of information that was valid all throughout your arguments. All your evidence comes from "personal experience." I have grandfather on my dad's side that drank and smoked all day, and died at 98. Does that mean since I have "personal experience" of my grandad doing that, that's the secret to longevity? Get real. You can't think logically, and your only defense is "Lesbians don't have penises, they're still in love." You also have the mind of a 12 year old who think that statistics and facts don't play a big game in this. Saying that its the "porn industries" doing lol.

Also regarding the harassment, don't worry. I have a clean track record ;)
Sugram22 Jan 19, 2018 4:21 AM
there no H ova ver of Rumbling hearts on MAL so no idea what u mean
Sugram22 Jan 18, 2018 9:41 AM
i don't like dramas if they have bad ending like MC dies or heroines dies or both (or if the 2 wont stay together cause of some other reasons, i want to see the 2 get to be together in the end) that's why i didn't watch Steins;Gate just cause heroine had to sacrifice herself & leave him behind, i hate that type

Kimi ga Nozomu Eien doesn't have that type of ending so i was fine with that, but it did made me say this often, what are u doing ppl are u dumb geez u make things from bad to worse, that the type emotions it gives sometimes :D
Sugram22 Jan 18, 2018 12:17 AM
have u seen Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, that's so realistic romance drama, its like something like this can happen in real life to, orange hair likes the guy so blue haired girl makes friends with him to help orange haired her friend, when the times comes the blue hair sets up that orange hair could confess, but the guy was Expecting & W8 that the blue haired comes & confesses he had fallen for her so when he so the orange haired he was hurt & vulnerable & ofc he says yes to her confession (but the thing is blue haired also has fallen for the guy, but she still pushes him towards her friend the orange haired) & then they go on a date, but in first date he is late & orange hair goes to phone booth to call him & when they are talking a car hits the phone booth & orange hair is in coma i think u can guess whats next, not with 100% accuracy but i bet 70%-90% goes like u think

i watched even a OVA that continues the story (ends it), ofc this anime shows Sex to, well without details like H anime's, more like what u see in some romance movies or another example school days, few sex scenes