Apr 21, 2017
Dryvern (All reviews)
Seikaisuru Kado - I have now seen up to episode 03

Premise: An other dimensional being of un-fathomed & seemingly exponential unlimited power & of great technology arrives in Japan to offer humanity the perfect opportunity to grow.

The Evolution -
Promoted is a progressive proposal for mankind - to value compassion & sharing (heart/good) - to grow.
To accomplish such, a unification of all, end conflict - needs that require fulfilling:
0. Universal communication/clarity - toward understanding
1. Endless power source
2. Resources & technology un-restricting living
3. Un-breakable food supply
4. Plentiful water supply.
5. Goal for exploration & progress of interests (ones not of control)

(So far 0-1 have been accomplished - rest are just logical)

Japan is picked for its abundance of 'Heart' - plentiful & communicable, to relay offered assistance in above.

If true, once money, control, programmed differences {inadvertently Kado is a singular god yet no god... so who is his creator?}, needs, misunderstanding & disparity are rendered to no real consequence ... will humanity behave well? (love, fight & fight for love?) How governing is the flip-side of love (hate)?
All will change.

Offered a perfect solution or hope of many, can societal habit or survival even once obsolete be relearned?

A proffered dream, yes people will take yet will they give too?
Only the heart of each, of all, will tell.

I look forward to seeing this show develops :)

- - - - - Loving this show; so: -Additional -

I continue & may surmise at end, spoilers will now be somewhat unavoidable

Episode 04:

The right answer ((( - is never easy; even with it, many will oppose forever out of fear However the unimaginable dream from real restraints can be achieved with the right people involved. :) We only hold ourselves back.
Still impressed, well thought & envisioned - production values are very worthy (music 8-9 art 8, voice 9)

Episode 6:

Visually again the artwork is mesmerising around Kado, its movement was stunning.
Musically the background music is both apt, fresh & evocative, employed strategically well. This is a production of value.

In the story line elements of helping humanity to be better/optimal along with heart/compassion sit well till the end of this episode. A question of the entities intent and existential relationship to Kado, to us is brought up along with the disquieting thought 'humanity will not need to sleep'.
It could be useful but does this mean not able to sleep? If so will we be human anymore without our ability to dream?
Have we now a hint of a darker consequence for humanity? Does the all powerful entity wish to help as he sees fit or turn us more into something like him?

To answer this double edged caution we need to watch more, this series certainly keeps you comming back and wondering....'what will develope next?'
Nicely done.

Episode 6.5 = Recap

Episode 7:

This show gets very interesting & without too drastic a cliffhanger, though a mild one at the end of this it is more Intrigue.
I will aim to keep this short as these episodes each have plenty to think about/enjoy.
I am back rooting for Kado after episode 6's worrying end. We can sleep if wished & still sleep elsewhere (trying no to place too many spoilers). It shows the mind behind this story keeps revealing a different aproach & challenges.
Totally refreshing. Yet as indicated... are we ready?
So far the 'Right answer' has been implemented in a cordial & revolutionary way; each episode a gift.

Episode 8:

Glad there is now a convincing voice for dissent - good or bad, the idea is too strong to leave running riot. The Sansa, what would you choose?
Humanity fears change whilst dreams of progress & free advancement. It happens as quick as you want but without our contemplation. Now there is a third gift spoken as the fourth? We worry again as the word destruction tantalises.
This series does not disappoint.
As above - we are dealing now with No.s 0, 2 & 5.