Apr 8, 2017
Sidewinder51 (All reviews)
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English Subtitled

Bland with a touch of action. Jumps straight to the action. Introduction was covered nicely. Not quite the ending i was expecting. I was expecting more of a reward outlook. Perhaps it was cut short? Was it a friendly game? Intro wise no questions but ending leaves me puzzled. However, the reason could be during the last blog of text the version i watched did not have that part translated either due to lack of time/interest or deciphering was too hard.

Clear, you can make out what is what. Not bad for an old anime. Just using black and white is fine for the piece. I don't think if color was added it would have added anything to this film.

No animations just a background sound. Which worked with the slight paced show.

This part could have used some work. We have the two teams but being able to root for a team you need to know something about them. This animation did not really cover any reason why that i noticed to vote for a particular team.

A nice laid back short action piece. I suppose if you wanted to you could place a little wager on who will win since you are not guided by the film on the turnout. Normally in films once the main character is known the movie will tend to favor in their favor. Now, that i think of it maybe that is why the character information was light. If that was the case then good for the show.