Apr 2, 2017
HanbeiCat (All reviews)
Pretty Cure ~ A series full of beautiful girls who can also kick some serious butt.

This movie showcases them all up until the Go! Princess Pretty Cure season, and it is an awful disappointment.

Story 2/10
I've never watched a movie in my life without a story until this one. The plot is all the girls are invited to the kingdom of Harmonia, and some goons want to steal their pretty cure mascots and transformation devices. In order to distract the pretty cure, they have them sing their theme songs. That's it. There's really nothing else to it.

I felt this was more a showcase of all the different pretty cure seasons than a movie. The cinematics were cute, but it was the same songs we've heard already from each season.

Art 4/10
The animation was decent, but the "routines" was recycled animations from the different seasons. The best part was the big song that all the pretty cures sing together.

Sound 2/10
Recycled tracked with only a few new numbers, which were good but not enough to make up for the rest of the movie.

Character 1/10
No one was developed. You have no idea who anyone is supposed to be unless you've seen the series before. The movie doesn't add anything new to any of them either.

Enjoyment 3/10
I liked the music videos.

Overall 3/10
I don't recommend this movie for anyone. You can find a playlist on youtube of all the pretty cure opening and endings, and it would serve the same purpose.