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May 13, 2018
There aren't a lot of mermaid mangas out there, and this probably has to be my favorite mermaid thing since mermaid melody. Its nice its finally a guy whose the merman...and he's SO adorable!

Story 8/10
Merman sees girl.
Merman falls in love with girl.
Merman makes a contract to give up his good looks.
Merman finds out he's a scrawny boy now as a human!

The story isn't re-inventing the wheel at all. But the thing about mermaid Boys is, well, it doesn't have to. This manga takes a comedic approach to the mermaid genre and really plays it up.

Character 8/10

One of my favorite parts about the manga read more
Jun 26, 2017
Let's la Cooking!

Before we begin, I want to tell you the first manga I ever read was Tokyo Mew Mew. When I first saw this anime, I was excited. Let me tell you what a treat it has been to watch!

Story 5/10

The overall story is the weakest part of the anime. There's someone out there named Noir, but isn't really introduced but mentioned (at the time of this review). The villains are trying to steal the kirakira, the feelings found inside of food, and give it to Noir. Every episode the pretty cure rush in to save the day.

While the overarching story read more
May 13, 2017
Munto (Anime) add (All reviews)
This anime was a part of my childhood, and so I decided to watch this movie for nostalgia.
It was such a disappointment.

Story 3/10
The story is there are some pillars falling from the sky and that is causing Munto's kingdom to fall. His world resides in an alternate dimension. However, there is only one girl on earth who can see Munto's dimension as well as the flying pillars, and she is the only one who can "save the world." Munto has to convince her to cross over into his dimension and help him.

This premise is incredibly interesting in theory but this movie does read more
May 11, 2017
13 Boys. 1 Girl.
When I first saw this anime, I wondered to myself, "Is this going to be a good idea?"

Story 3/10
The story is as bare-bones as you can get. Ema, the main protagonist, moves into her new mother's house before the wedding between the new mother and her father.In the house, she meets her 13 step brothers and each one develops a crush on her throughout the series.

While the plot can be explained in a matter of sentences, this anime focused more on the development of each brother and how they develop feelings for Ema. I really enjoyed this "slice-of-life" read more
May 6, 2017
Welcome to the town where stories come to life.

Story 9/10

The story is simple: a duck is brought into the story by the author and is given the power to turn into Princess Tutu in order to restore Prince Myuuto's heart. However, despite the concept being simple, this anime runs a lot deeper than that: it deals with themes such as suffering, fate, right/wrong, love, and happy endings. Like traditional magic girl, Duck transforms into Princess Tutu every episode to help people with her magical dancing.

Art 9/10
The art felt like a fairy tale and I loved the art style of this show. The read more
Apr 2, 2017
Pretty Cure ~ A series full of beautiful girls who can also kick some serious butt.

This movie showcases them all up until the Go! Princess Pretty Cure season, and it is an awful disappointment.

Story 2/10
I've never watched a movie in my life without a story until this one. The plot is all the girls are invited to the kingdom of Harmonia, and some goons want to steal their pretty cure mascots and transformation devices. In order to distract the pretty cure, they have them sing their theme songs. That's it. There's really nothing else to it.

I felt this was more a showcase read more
Mar 19, 2017
Strong, Kind, and Beautiful.

Aim for your dreams. Go! Princess Precure!

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is one my favorite magic girl anime released in a long time.

Story 7/10
The story of Go! Princess Precure revolves around three young middle school girls who each have dreams they want to fulfill. Haruka wants to be a princess, read more
Mar 18, 2017
Flip Flappers: One of the few anime I have watched where every episode, I say, "wow....." and wondered what was going to happen next.

Story: 6/10
The story follows two girls, Cocona and Papika, and their journeys through Pure Illusion. It is a magical girl anime where they transform into the "Flip Flappers," but it is not the magical girl element that is the focus, but the common themes associated with the genre, with friendship as the main theme. The girl's friendship is tested time and time again, and every time they go to Pure Illlusion, we learn more about their and their bond.

Unfortunately, the read more
Mar 27, 2016
Ah yes, Sengoku Musou: The ever-lovable hack-n'-slash series known as Samurai Warriors in the west. This anime takes everything that I love about the characters in this series, animates them in eye-catching 3D, only to disappoint me with the lack of effort put into the characters and story.

The events are loosely based on the Sengoku era, and I felt that they stayed in their comfort zone a bit too much. They didn't really add anything new to the story or develop the characters at all. In fact, I felt that they just wanted to have cameos of their "top" characters, such as Mitsunari instead read more