Mar 31, 2017
NiBer (All reviews)
This is the most cringey, edgy, 'look how deep and conflicted I am', garbage I've ever set my eyes upon. Absolutely no decency, no self-respect, no genuinety, no common sense, no nothing.
It's just another reminder of a perpetually morally bankrupting society nowadays. Thanks!

Characters are terrible, contrived, unlikable, and honestly just plain disgusting. No, I would not passionately make out with a random stranger as a substitute for my unrequited love. I guess that's just me, though. Throw in bunch of forbidden unrequited love (student-teacher, incest, lesbianism) in and envelop it with 'passion', a.k.a. perversion and you got yourself Kuzu no Honkai. And what's with the completely out of place and unnecessary comedy? Is that an attempt to bring lightheartedness into this filth? Because it's not working.
Sodom and Gomorrah - the anime.

I would rather watch School Days on repeat and cringe for three days than feast my eyes on this trash for another second.