Kuzu no Honkai

Scum's Wish

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Alternative Titles

English: Scum's Wish
Japanese: クズの本懐


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 13, 2017 to Mar 31, 2017
Premiered: Winter 2017
Broadcast: Fridays at 00:55 (JST)
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: Lerche
Source: Manga
Genres: DramaDrama, RomanceRomance, SchoolSchool, SeinenSeinen
Duration: 22 min. per ep.
Rating: R+ - Mild Nudity


Score: 7.281 (scored by 232576232,576 users)
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Ranked: #24262
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Popularity: #273
Members: 495,232
Favorites: 5,233
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Mar 30, 2017
Veronin (All reviews)
There aren't many anime as uncomfortable as Kuzu no Honkai. It introduces itself as a melancholic tale of unrequited love, and quickly transforms into something far more ugly. The characters are relentlessly trampled upon, until, indeed, as the title might suggest, they are reduced to human trash.

It isn't necessary for a story to make you feel happy. There exist a wealth of fiction that, while depressing, and perhaps never even enjoyable, are still valuable for the message they are trying to make.

Kuzu no Honkai doesn't have that message. It is misery for misery's sake, existing almost exclusively to make you feel like crap. read more
Mar 30, 2017
Cinefil_original (All reviews)
My Opinion:
Did “School Days” get a second season? Oh, no, it’s Kuzu no Honkai, also known as one of the most popular and overrated anime series of winter 2017.
Kuzu no Honkai is an exaggeration of the love life experienced by high school students and watching it reminded me of a National Geographic documentary about mating rabbits I saw years ago.
While the show had some very good ideas, it failed in executing them, fact which made the show look more like a trainwreck rather than the “in-depth, mature” series it intended to be.
The plot is inconsistent and poorly executed for the most part employing read more
Feb 2, 2017
StatistWatcher (All reviews)
Have you ever desired something that's not politically correct? Kuzu no Honkai is an anime about desire. The main characters want something that they cant have Hanabi Yasuraoka loves Narumi Kanai her teacher and "brother". Mugi Awaya loves his teacher Akane Minagawa. Unfortunately for Hanabi and Mugi their love is not reciprocal.

Forgive me for any grammar errors, i'm not used to write in english

Story: 10
This is not an usual romance anime. This anime is very original, and in a certain way, unique. There are unforeseeable events and the story grows perfectly.

Art: 10
Perfect, detailed, stunning.

Sound: 10
The opening "Uso no Hibana" is a masterpiece, and the read more
Mar 30, 2017
ZephSilver (All reviews)
When someone considers themselves or others to be connoisseurs of any storytelling media, there are specific prerequisites expected from that individual that's usually understood without the need to outright state it. These factors can include being well-versed with different genres within the medium in question, to more demanding things, like understanding the construct in which the medium expresses its ideas. But out of all these unspoken base requirements, I think the most important one is something that's usually acknowledged but often taken for granted. That something in question is a hands-on understanding of the subject matter itself.

Without that attribute, an exhausted catalog of read more
Mar 30, 2017
Stark700 (All reviews)
Love is perhaps one of the most complicated feelings in the world. We may all have experienced sometimes in our lives. Whether it’s platonic, romantic, or parental, it’s something that humans feel because that’s who we are. As part of growing up, people learn to understand these feelings. Yet, there are also people who make stories out of their lives from such feelings, in ways that become so twisted and disjointed that they become scum. Welcome to Kuzu no Honkai, a show that gives the characters a chance to grow up.

As a manga reader, I was already prepared although it’s easy to judge by the read more
Feb 2, 2017
AhmedFisherman (All reviews)
Kuzu no Honkai has finished airing and it's been a fun ride, so let's talk about the show.
Kuzu no Honkai is not your tipical romance anime, I've seen many people complaining about it and I understand them (especially after the last two episodes that destroyed my favourite character's personality), as a matter of fact this anime is not suited for everyone: as the title suggest the story revolves around scummy people and their desires, so there's nothing pleasurable to be seen.

Story: 7
Kuzu no Honkai is the story of a girl who discovers her true feelings through sexual growth.
The story's intro is quite interesting: the read more
Feb 2, 2017
chobits4marc (All reviews)
Kuzu no Honkai (Scum’s Wish) portrays how we all have a desire, oftentimes bad or “scum” type of desires and how we act upon those desires. This anime is not for the lover of sweet romance because the story is a bit psychological and melancholic. Here’s the reason why I keep watching and waiting for the next installment of the episodes.
Story: 9
I like the narration of the story here. You can see clearly in the story why the character or the story ended up that way because it was narrated very well. Aside from that, after every episode, there is a dialogue/monologue from a character read more
Mar 30, 2017
HaXXspetten (All reviews)
Have you gotten sick of "romance" anime consisting of nothing but innocent teenagers blushing like tomatoes at the mere thought of holding hands yet? Are you sick of seeing "relationships" implying that there may or may not be a confession in the last minute of the final episode and nothing beyond that? Well then Kuzu no Honkai might be for you, because this anime has more romantic progression in its first five minutes than most romance anime do in their entire runtime, and it manages to break one, two, maybe even three taboos in the process as well.

Kuzu no Honkai at heart represents the ugliness read more
Feb 2, 2017
Lawli-Pop (All reviews)
Since episode 2 I'm waiting for this anime to just deliver the final blow so I can finally drop it in peace (and for good this time). Not because it's complete garbage… But the way it's going right now, I really don't know for how much longer I can sit through this. Good heavens. Ô_Ó

„Scum's Wish“, more like „Friends With Benefits: The Anime“ is about people being each other's replacements for people they cannot have. Which is an interesting premise, that anime as a medium hasn't explored too often yet, I agree. Nonetheless it's also a premise that can be ruined spectacularly with so little read more
Feb 12, 2017
ShadowBlazer3000 (All reviews)
From the Writer of School Days comes SCHOOL DAYS 2 Electric Boogaloo. Every so often there's that one anime that the masses throw roses to that I just don't get, Higurashi, Elfen Lied, Sword Art Online, Tokyo Magnitude 8.0.

I'll have to let Scum's Wish (Kazu no Honkai) be a good reminder to really examine the premise of a show more closely before watching. The genres were interesting enough to catch my eye in the first place, romantic drama, psychological and so on it sounded like good makings for a more serious romance after watching the more light hearted and bubbly romance shows that read more
Mar 31, 2017
NiBer (All reviews)
This is the most cringey, edgy, 'look how deep and conflicted I am', garbage I've ever set my eyes upon. Absolutely no decency, no self-respect, no genuinety, no common sense, no nothing.
It's just another reminder of a perpetually morally bankrupting society nowadays. Thanks!

Characters are terrible, contrived, unlikable, and honestly just plain disgusting. No, I would not passionately make out with a random stranger as a substitute for my unrequited love. I guess that's just me, though. Throw in bunch of forbidden unrequited love (student-teacher, incest, lesbianism) in and envelop it with 'passion', a.k.a. perversion and you got yourself Kuzu no Honkai. And what's with the read more
Mar 30, 2017
84DaysWithout (All reviews)
Unrequited love presents a tiny window of hope on the verge of being shattered by crippling depression and anxiety. To not be able to share yourself with the person who brings color to your world, even worse watch them fall for someone perceived as better than you, is a feeling will that leave your emotions on the brink of suicide as your scum filled obsessions grow too loud to silence anymore.

Kuzu No Honkai is a study on the psychology of unrequited love, how adolescents will make the mistake of equating self worth with sexual desirability and how that can inspire one to make terrible read more
Mar 16, 2017
nukinuchan (All reviews)
75 % of sex scenes. 25 % poor scenario

Story: 1/10 There's not even a real story there. Just a bunch of stupid teenagers (and teachers too) who're so depressed they need to have sex with each others in every single episode. If you like to change from time to time don't worry they got a different sex pair almost each episode. It's like the author just want to show sex scenes out of nowhere. Ok 1 from time to time but every episode to the point there's not even a story?! No.

Characters: 1/10 All are stupid. Really nothing to save. Absolutly impossible to relate with read more
Feb 3, 2017
Slayahh (All reviews)
It's been so long since a studio has dared to release an anime like "Kuzu no Honkai". Ever since the creators of Aku no Hana got death threats for their show, studios have been reluctant to include depressive moods and apathy mixed with romance into their anime. Kozu no Honkai takes this exact step, but presents it in a more cheerful fashion that can apply to broader audiences.

If you are a fan of manga such as "Oyasumi Punpun" or "Umibe no Onnako" like me, this is the closest you can get to the same mood and atmosphere in new anime. If you are not, and read more
Mar 12, 2017
Coldsp33d (All reviews)
"I hate being alone. Being alone makes me feel empty. I want to sleep with someone."

DISCLAIMER #1: All opinions expressed in this review are mine alone, and you are not obligated to agree/disagree with them at all.

DISCLAIMER #2: Don't be deceived by the genres listed on the left. Proceed with caution if you see dislike any of the themes presented below:
* Forbidden love
* Netorare
* Sex and betrayal
* Yuri
* Lolis

TLDR; Overall rating: 2/10 OR 8/10

I will try and explain, as clearly as possible, the rationale behind the rating above, everything that this anime does right and wrong, and why you should or shouldn't watch it.

Kuzu no Honkai is a read more
Feb 25, 2017
tigermaskshinobi (All reviews)
"Kuzu no Honkai" is the most fucked up show I've seen since "School days". Honestly, this show could be a Hit or a miss for most people. For me, fortunately or unfortunately it was big miss. Although I do appreciate the boldness to create and put out something like this this, can't say I'm a fan of it.

There really isn't much I can appreciate about the anime. It is a cringe-fest of a show with a few okay moments. There isn't much to the story, it isn't very eventful or progressive, it relies heavily on the discovery and the development of the characters, which read more
Mar 30, 2017
themegamancave (All reviews)
“Why can’t it be me?”

Love and lust are two terms synonymous with the young and naive but understood by those who’ve experienced both. “Lovesick” teenagers are often impressionable and irrational, driven by an overwhelming cesspool of hormones and emotions. Love is ambiguous at a young age, and can often be a stifling enigma. Lust is an enveloping, instinctive thirst for a partner’s sexual freedom. Although these concepts can be weighty and complicated, experiencing them is part of what makes us human, and are as intense as any incident we’re likely to encounter in our lives. Scum’s Wish is a visceral, raw and uncomfortable approach to read more
Mar 30, 2017
Raggadish (All reviews)
You can easily say that Kuzu no Honkai (Scum´s wish) without a doubt has been one of the big talks of the winter 2017 season. Either people praise this new angle on a romance story in anime, or are disturbed by the emo depressed characters that does one scummy thing after another.

Well, Scum´s wish for shore manages to separate itself from its siblings in the genres, much do to with that it is including sex as one of the big factors. Because let´s be honest, most high school kids are exploring their sexuality and are not going out for months before they have their read more
Feb 3, 2017
czxcjx (All reviews)
We think about life as a story. The politician too – and the gangster. And I would like to believe that both adulterers and the faithful think the same way. Some, perhaps, will make it into a story of triumph. You think, for example, that this isn’t your fate. You have ambitions – and yet you are being tied down to the Earth – to this marriage that you chose out of either some bad circumstance or because you were blind in early love. Either way, the adulterer, wishing to be the hero/heroine of the story, will view it as a conquest of the soul. read more
Mar 30, 2017
LIQfilms (All reviews)
Love and the sexual feelings we have, lust, are complicated and confusing. Much like my overall thoughts on this anime...

Scum's Wish was the break out hit this season with conflicting opinions all over the place from people praising the show as a masterpiece in which it conveys the themes of romance and love in a realistic manner and those who say that it is over glorified and unrealistic. If you were to ask me, I'd say this anime is pretty stupid, and for the longest time I couldn't decided what this anime was going for exactly nor of what to make of it! It read more