Mar 27, 2017
otakuweeb (All reviews)
dam i am really surprised no one has reviewed teekyuu 8 well i guess i shall be the first in mal history to do so this is an honor bestowed upon me by mal gods now lets begin
First story: 7/10
same old stuff as the seasons before it i like every new season because while same concept the randomness always keeps it refreshing for me to watch no matter it wasn't interstellar or amazing its a just a fun watch if u want some adrenaline filled anime to boost your energy that day.
Art 7/10: i mean what do u expect honestly from teekyuu, 2 min an episode so much fast paced wacky cocaine induced action of course the animation won't be the best but for what it is it was not bad i did not have a hard time watching it because of art it was just fine for what it does i was expecting worse from these type of fast paced shows but they did good.
sound 8/10: for the wackiness of this show the art was superb because it expressed what teekyuu is all about and considering this is the 8th season I am surprised they still kept this consistency of sound quality throughout the whole 8 seasons that it has been airing.
character 8/10: the characters are so fun and amazing they are the reasons why i get my good chuckles because they are so fun and strange unique all interesting to watch all act comedic and stupid.
Enjoyment 7/10: this was really enjoyable it wasn't something ill remember and be impact but it was a fun watch throughout either way.
Overall 7/10: this was super fun to watch not something impactful or amazing like i said its just fun if you want to have a fun time or have some free time or just want some adrenaline in your system then you have come to the right place for some wacky fast fun packed into 2 min episodes enjoy the 8th season of this cocaine induced ride (please 9th season come out soon).