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Mar 27, 2017
dam i am really surprised no one has reviewed teekyuu 8 well i guess i shall be the first in mal history to do so this is an honor bestowed upon me by mal gods now lets begin
First story: 7/10
same old stuff as the seasons before it i like every new season because while same concept the randomness always keeps it refreshing for me to watch no matter it wasn't interstellar or amazing its a just a fun watch if u want some adrenaline filled anime to boost your energy that day.
Art 7/10: i mean what do u expect honestly from teekyuu, 2 read more
Aug 19, 2016
“It takes a mere second for treasure to turn to trash.” - Hisoka

ok so ill start this review because this is one my favorite animes of all time so i will explain why it is what it is.

Story 10/10:it is a good story at first u might think o its generic oh boy are you wrong dont be quick to judge or else this anime will give u a expereince of shounen u never felt before

Art:10/10 the manga art sucks but combined the story with the new remade art it makes a compelling combo the art is beautiful
Sound: 9/10 at times the sound went down read more