Feb 10, 2008
The story was pretty good, although somewhat predictable. What anime isn't?? Throughout the story, I was annoyed by 2 things the most; one was that zero doesn't really have ANY point in the story except for as a ridiculous background information to how some characters were part of a group.
second, the sword drawing techniques kept changing from standing, bending over backwards, to having ::cough::orgasms::cough::. Which really made me think the author was still indecisive about plot/animation in general.
Characters were pretty good. Some of them could have used more development.
Also, there is not much to say for the sound, near the end the background music was just noisy and questionable for the scene at the same time.
But it is overall an enjoyable anime to watch when you're bored which I obviously was.
Reviewer’s Rating: 7
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